2-Day Merzouga Birding Tour in Morocco

Explore merzouga birds in this 2 days merzouga birding tour in morocco

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2 Day Merzouga Birding Tour To Explore amazing magic of morocco

Come along on an exciting 2-day birding tour to Merzouga, Morocco, and discover the diverse array of birds that call this breathtaking desert area home. Our knowledgeable guides will take you through a variety of habitats, revealing the bird world’s hidden gems.

Day 1: Tour of Merzouga Birds

When we get to Merzouga, we’ll get our birding adventure started. We’ll go into the Erg Chebbi desert, which is home to a variety of interesting bird species, with binoculars in hand. Look for Egyptian nightjars, raptors, desert larks, and desert sparrows as we cross the parched plains and sand dunes. Our knowledgeable guides will impart their extensive expertise to assist you in recognizing and comprehending the actions of these fascinating animals.

We’ll pitch up tent in a cozy desert as the day comes to an end. Savor authentic Moroccan food while lounging under a starry sky and exchanging tales of your day’s birdwatching adventures.

Day 2: Tour of Merzouga Birds

The stunning vista of the desert sunrise greets the day. We’ll explore the surrounding oasis and rugged terrain as we go on with our birdwatching adventure. You may be able to see migrating birds here, like the African desert warbler and Tristram’s warbler.

We’ll wrap off our trip with a drive back to Merzouga after an exciting day of birding, leaving you with recollections of amazing bird sightings and the distinct beauty of the desert region.

We are grateful that you are visiting our nation with Birding excursions Morocco, as we provide exciting excursions and adventure packages for your incredible bird watching vacation in North Africa. Please get in touch with us directly if you need to change this proposed circuit.


  • Comfortable transport
  • Hotel accommodation with HB
  • professional guiding service


To make a reservation for this Merzouga bird viewing excursion, please contact us. Please let us know your arrival and departure dates if you have a certain date in mind.

Housing / Food

For your birdwatching excursion from Merzouga, we provide cozy accommodations with traditional Moroccan dinners and breakfasts.

Costs associated with birding:

The cost is determined on the number of passengers you are taking.

Variety of Avian Species: 

Merzouga is home to a diverse array of avian species, including migratory and desert dwelling birds, which you may view and photograph.


Expert Guidance:

With their extensive knowledge of the local bird species and habitats, our knowledgeable guides will be with you during the whole trip, guaranteeing an engaging experience for you while birdwatching.


Magnificent Scenes in the Desert:

Experience the captivating splendor of the Erg Chebbi desert, which offers a unique setting for birding with its golden sand dunes, oases, and untamed environment.


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