3 days Fes to Marrakech desert tour, 3 day tour itinerary

Book your trip from Fes to Marrakech through the desert over the tour of three days, and see the itinerary for those three days below.

About This Tour

Tour from Fes to Marrakech through the desert for 3 days, with an itinerary that includes and excludes the following:

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Highlights of the Morocco 3 day desert trip beginning from Fes and ending in Marrakech are as follows:

3-day desert excursion from Fes to Marrakech, a suggested itinerary

The 3 days trip from Fes to Marrakech via the desert is one of the most popular tours in Morocco. It gives you the opportunity to learn about a number of interesting places, such as the city of Ifrane and the road pass of Tizi-Ntlghamt. Also included are the city of Erfoud and the valley of Ziz.

The camel ride across the Merzouga desert and spending the night at a desert tent while gazing up at the stars are, in general, the most memorable parts of this three-day itinerary.

Tour through the desert from Fes to Marrakech over 3 days, itinerary for 3 days of the tour:

Day 1: Fes to Merzouga desert:

You will be picked up from your hotel in Fes to begin the first day of the 3 days tour from Fes to Marrakech. The tour will end in Marrakech. We shall make our way completely across the midst of the Atlas Mountains by car. The first city that we will visit is often considered to be the cleanest in all of Morocco and all of Africa. The Statue of the Lion of Atlas may be found just here at this location.

After that, we will continue our trip towards the desert, with our next stop being in the Cedar forest, where we will see the Barbary Macaque. After that, we are going to go to Zaida and Midelt so that we may learn more about them. We will have arrived in the desert after traversing the winding roads and going past the largest source of dates in Morocco on the way there. Undoubtedly, the sight of the golden dunes will leave you breathless and speechless. We will ride the camels across the sand dunes to reach the tent that is located in the middle of the desert. In general, you get to see the sunset and the dawn (if it’s necessary), and you get to listen to Berber music while you’re outside beneath the stars.

Day 2: From the desert of Merzouga to the Boumalne Dades, passing via Tinghir:

The breathtaking dawn that will greet us on the second morning of our three-day desert journey from Fes to Marrakech (three-day itinerary) will take place close to the camp. Our camp staff will assist you in getting up early so that you may participate in that activity. After you’ve captured some breathtaking images of the dawn with your camera, you’ll go back to the campground or hotel for breakfast.

The excursion will begin with a departure from the Sahara desert via either Erfoud or the city of fossils; the latter destination has a significant number of mineral mines. After you have finished exploring the region, you will go once again toward the Fezna Irrigation system. This location is home to a number of wells that provide irrigation to the city’s agricultural areas. After that, you will go to a well-known Berber hamlet known as Melaab, where you will get the opportunity to put on some of their traditional garb. After that, you will go via the city of Tinghir on your way to one of Morocco’s most impressive canyons. More significantly, your driver will make a stop here so that you will have the chance to visit this magnificent site. While there, you will observe people climbing and having picnics, and you will also see an underground river.

After that, you will finish the day by driving directly to Boumalne Dades, where you will spend the night in a Riad or hotel that is often used by Berbers.

The third day will be spent traveling from Boumalne Dades to Marrakech via Tizi-n-Tichka.

After breakfast, the last day of our three-day desert trip from Fes to Marrakech will begin in Boumalne Dades. The tour will end in Marrakech. In the beginning, you will journey to Kalaat Mgouna, also known as the city of roses. The second stop on our excursion is at Ouarzazate, often known as the “Ollywood of Africa.” In the next step, you will visit the Atlas studios in order to learn more about them. The Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou will be your next destination after that. This particular one is the oldest fortified settlement in all of Morocco, and it is where it is located. It is certain that you will stop there to investigate the area and snap some photographs of it from a higher vantage point.

You will then carry on to see one of the Argan oil women’s cooperatives after passing the highest road in Morocco, which is known as Tizi-N-Tichka. You will stop once more to take photographs of the panoramic vistas along the way.

It is advised that you take our desert trip from Fes to Marrakech, which lasts for three days and consists of the following:

My fantastic vacation for three days:

My fantastic vacation for three days:
My mother and I were in Morocco for a total of three days. A good friend of ours suggested that we go on the three-day desert trek from Fes to Marrakech. When we checked out the evaluations for this company, we saw that there were a lot of positive ones. As a result, we made the decision to plan a vacation with them. My only comment is that the service was above and above my expectations. They were a tremendous source of support for us throughout the road. In addition, our tour guide, Hassan, was very knowledgeable and provided detailed explanations of many aspects of Moroccan culture and customs. Even more incredible were the tents that we slept in when we were in the Merzouga desert. Hassan comes highly recommended, and you shouldn’t go with anybody else as your guide.

B. Mariel
December 2019

Thank you!

We are a family of six people who decided to take a shared trip with Touring In Morocco to go from Fes to Marrakech over the course of three days. We had a great time on the trip that they provided in their spacious Jeep. In addition, the camel ride in the desert of Merzouga and watching the dawn and sunset were the most memorable parts of our excursion. In addition to that, we would want to express our gratitude for the driver, Addi. He had a wealth of knowledge and was fluent in more than three languages. To summarize, if you are interested in booking a three-day vacation in Morocco with them and selecting Addi as your guide to the Sahara desert, you should do so.

Tomy C
Janauary 2020

Merzoga is wonderful!

In the month of January 2019, my partner and I traveled to the country of Morocco. We decided to tour the Sahara desert with Touring Morocco as our guiding service. We discovered this firm at the top of the search results page while we were looking for a tour organizer in the Marrakech area. As a result, we checked over the program for the three-day excursion from Fes to Marrakech, and it included a lot of exciting activities. During the journey, Mohamed, our tour guide, not only responded to every question we had, but he also shared some anecdotes with us about the Sahara desert. When we were staying in Boumalne Dades, there was this posh hotel there known as Kasbah Didis. Due to its hilltop location and stunning vistas, this was considered to be one of the finest hotels in all of Morocco. I’d want to express my gratitude to both this firm in general and Moamed specifically.

Hiroka A
January 2019

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Ifrane is one of the stops on the Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour that you will make while you are traveling in Morocco. It is sometimes referred to as “little Switzerland,” and many people believe that it is the most beautiful city in Africa and the ninth most beautiful city in the world.

The new city of Ifrane has a neighborhood known as the GardenCity, which is well-known for a monument of a white lion. During the second world war, a German soldier carved it out of a block of wood.

When speaking about the “ancient city” of Ifrane, its construction dates back to the eleventh century.

Ifrane is widely regarded as an excellent location for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding by a large number of visitors. In addition, there are several ski clubs located outside of the city, and visitors often visit these clubs.

In order to provide more context on the white lion statue, it is important to note that Ifrane served as a military base during the second world war. As a result, the German soldier crafted the monument in order to purchase his release.

Students from all over the world go to Ifrane to attend the prestigious Al Akaouin University in order to complete their education and get their degrees.

You will get the opportunity to take some photographs of the white lion monument as well as explore the new city during the free time included in the program for the three-day excursion.

Ziz valley:

The Ziz valley is one of the most important suppliers of palm dates in all of Morocco. During the first day of the three-day desert journey that goes from Fes to Marrakech, you will make a stop at Ifrane before continuing on to Ziz valley. The location drew a large number of photographers, all of whom came to take pictures for the palm grooves. A river known as the Ziz flows through the valley at an average distance of roughly 200 kilometers per hour.

As dates need a warm temperature and a low amount of water, many residents of Errachidia and Erfoud have their agricultural properties in the valley. Because of this, they concentrate on cultivating dates of the highest quality. Additionally, dates need the presence of healthy soil in the region.

If you are interested in visiting Ziz valley for the purpose of photography and have checked out the schedule for the three days of the trip that is above, we can most certainly assist you.

Erfoud fossils:

Erfoud is known as the “city of fossils” due to its location in the south, about forty minutes away from the Merzouga desert. There are a number of businesses in this city that specialize in the extraction of fossils and provide opportunities for visitors to learn about the history of the fossils they uncover.

Before it turned into a stony desert, the Moroccan Sahara (including Erfoud and the surrounding territories) was the bottom of a vast ancient ocean around 380 million years ago. Today, it is a desert.

Erfoud is recognized by a significant number of paleontologists as a region rich in buried fossils. As a result, they established a large number of firms and recruited excavators in order to retrieve those buried diamonds.

During our three-day desert trip that goes from Fes to Marrakech, we will transport you to Erfoud so that you may do some exploring there (optional). In addition, if you are interested in purchasing any mementos, they provide high-quality items at quite competitive costs. Ammonites and Goniatites are two examples of such fossils.

Merzouga camel trekking and glamping:

The Erg Chebbi region of the Merzouga desert is home to some of the country’s highest sand dunes, which may reach heights of up to 150 meters. It is considered by many travelers to be the ideal location in which to take camel rides and spend the night in Berber camps.

Due to the fact that we provide the three-day Fes to Marrakech desert trip and design a three-day schedule specifically for that tour, we provide our valued clients the option of using our transportation or traveling on their own to Merzouga.

When you finally reach the Merzouga desert, one of the first things you’ll do is ride camels across the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. You will make a halt at one of the sand dunes that is among the highest in order to take in the breathtaking views of the setting sun. After that, I made it to the camp so I could give sandboarding a go. In conclusion, you will have a pleasant time taking in a Berber performance while surrounded by the twinkling of the stars.

The majority of visitors, since they had such a good time on their first night, request more nights. In addition to camel trekking, there are many more activities that may be experienced in Merzouga, such as spending two full days with local nomads.

Others choose to see Merzouga’s wonders through a tour in a four-wheel-drive vehicle instead.

They begin by coming across the Berber settlement of Hassi Labied, which is located 13 kilometers away from Merzouga. The region is mostly agricultural and has groves of palm trees as well.

Second, you’ll hear Gnaoua music at Khamlia’s hamlet, and then you’ll learn about nomads and find out where Kohl and Baryte are mined.

You will, at some point, be given the opportunity to sample the pizza made in the Berber style.

Rissani’s Souk:

In general, Morocco is very well-known for its Souks (markets), and Rissani’s Souk is without a doubt one of the very greatest ones for everyone who is trying to acquire some cultural mementos and recollections.

Due to the fact that it is the first market of its kind in the region, it is also known as the desert market.

To fulfill their domestic requirements, the people of Merzouga and the neighboring villages go there.

This Souk is on the itinerary for the three-day journey that goes from Fes to Marrakech, and we will transport you there. At the beginning of your tour, you will go to the section of the souk that is dedicated to spices (there are around 5 different sections). Here, you will get information on all kinds of spices, including Indian varieties.

In some of the other major cities, the cost of spices might be fairly high, but in Rissani, you can get high-quality products at extremely reasonable costs. The second thing that will happen is that you will move to a location known as the donkeys festival. Donkeys are exchanged for other household necessities at this location.

Pitta bread, also known as Berber pizza, is produced in this region. It is recognized across the country for the unique method in which spices are mixed into the dough.

Irrigation system designed by Fzna:

Following the conclusion of your time spent in the Souk of Erissani, the plan for your three-day trip from Fes to Marrakech via the desert calls for you to go to the Fzna Irrigation system. It’s a cluster of water wells that are all linked to one other, and they provide irrigation to a large number of the town’s agricultural holdings. In addition, when winter arrives, all of the wells reach their maximum capacity.

During the course of our trip, we will take you to an expert who will walk you through all of the processes that are involved in the management of the subterranean water.

Tinghir and Todgha Gorges are the following:

One of the most beautiful and well-known canyons in all of Morocco. The Todgha Gorges are made up of many river valleys that are made of limestone. It can climb up to roughly 500 meters. The latter features a river that emerges from under the earth and runs through it.

We will take you on an exploration excursion to these gorges during your tour of Morocco that lasts for three days and goes from Fes to Marrakech across the desert.

You will first arrive at the city of Tinghir, often known as the capital of dates because of the abundance of date palms that grow in the valley.

Once you have decided on the schedule for the 3-day trip beginning in Fes. You will have the chance to attempt climbing at the canyons, but in order to do so, you will need to make reservations with a business that provides that activity, since we do not include it in our tours.

In addition, Tinghir residents bring their families to the canyons to picnic there on a regular basis.

Boumalne and Dades Gorges:

Following your excursion to Tinghir, you will travel over the Anti Atlas Mountains to reach the stunning village of Boumalne Dades. The Dades Gorges and the valley that surrounds them are what give the town its name.

In addition, Boumalne is well-known as the location of Morocco’s longest street, which extends all the way from the city to the Gorges (60km).

In this valley, as opposed to the other valleys, where dates are grown, they cultivate a variety of other crops. In addition, the area’s hotels and riads are rather luxurious and provide stunning views of the valley from their rooftop terraces.

The snake road that can be found at the end of the gorges in Boumalne is a popular tourist attraction, and it is one that you will often visit on the three-day Fes to Marrakech desert excursion.

The valley of the flowers and Kalaat Megouna:

After spending some time at Boumalne Dades, you will get to Kalaat Megouna in little under half an hour. This city has earned a great deal of notoriety for its rose cooperatives. Pink is a popular color in the city, as shown by the fact that cabs there are painted in that hue.

The mountain that is situated on the outskirts of the city is named Megoun, and that is where the city got its name.

They have a celebration every year to commemorate the changing of the rose seasons, and it lasts for a whole week. It has reached 300 000 individuals from different parts of the globe in the year 2015.

You will get the opportunity to go shopping at one of the most well-known cosmetic cooperatives in the region during our three-day tour from Fes to Marrakech. This cooperative is located in the neighborhood.

Wallywood of Africa: Ouarzazate Wallywood

After leaving Kalaat Megouna, one of the cities that you will go to is Ouarzazate. Because of its many Atlas studios, it is sometimes referred to as the “Wallywood” of Africa. In addition, the road that leads from this city to the south is known as the road of a Thousand Kasbahs.

You will get the opportunity to visit and explore the largest Atlas studios in Ouarzazate as part of our Fes desert trip that continues on to Marrakech. The Gladiator, “The Message,” and “The Bible” are just a few of the movies and the television series “Game of Thrones” that have been filmed there.

If you are interested in customizing the journey, the schedule for the three-day trip from Fes is listed above.

The Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou is characterized by:

Kasbahs are quite well-known in Morocco; Ait Ben Haddou, which has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1987, is particularly well-known and often visited among them. They also refer to it as the Ksar of Glaoua due to the fact that it is the territory of Thami El Glaoui and his clan. Many people believe that it alludes to the Glaoui period, which occurred in the eleventh century.

A large number of Hollywood films, including Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator, as well as the television series Game of Thrones, have been filmed in the Ait Ben Haddou region (yunkai).

You will get the opportunity to see the 100-kilometer-long Ounila River while traveling to the Kasbah. It is also a valley where palm trees, almonds, and other such crops are grown.

It is necessary to climb all the way to the top of the hill via the steps before you may tour the Kasbah. Along the route, you will come across artists who sketch with green and black tea, and then burn the artwork to demonstrate the magical properties of the beverage.

You will be able to take in breathtaking vistas of the valley and the settlement from the peak. Additionally, the Kasbah has little chambers built of mud that may be accessed via bamboo doors.

cooperatives that produce argan oil

The presence of argan, which is native to Morocco, contributes to the country’s widespread notoriety. Following the conclusion of our three-day excursion across the desert from Fes to Marrakech, we will show you how the oil from this plant is extracted.

The proprietor of the business lives in Essaouira, which is the region of Morocco where the argan plant is indigenous.

Distillation and the other procedures are only carried out by ladies. They are fortunate in that they are able to communicate in several languages and can instruct you on how to properly utilize their products.


After completing the three-day Sahara desert journey from Fes to Marrakech, our crew will drop you off in Marrakech. At this point, most visitors would consider engaging the services of one of our local guides in order to learn more about this magnificent city and the things it has to offer.

Discovering gardens, mosques, and squares is just one of the numerous activities and sights there are to take in while in Marrakech.

The following is a list of the most popular tourist destinations in Marrakech:

– Djemaa El Fna:

The Djemaa El Fna square is without a doubt the most popular tourist destination in all of Marrakech. Visitors love to stroll around the area and watch the many performers, such as snake charmers, dancers, and many more.

The landmark location is most often frequented in the evening by the vast majority of people. It is also a wonderful location to sample some of the local street cuisine.

– Koutoubia Mosque:

The Al-Koutoubia Mosque can be found in close proximity to the Jemaa el-Fna plaza. It was constructed in 1162 and is considered to be one of the greatest accomplishments of Almohad architecture. It has one of the highest mosque towers. In light of this, non-Muslims are not permitted to visit the Hassan 2 mosque in Casablanca under any circumstances.

— Sadiaan Tombs:

A burial place from the 16th century makes reference to the Saadians Era. These biographies include a wide range of fascinating figures, such as the monarch Al-Mansour. In terms of architecture, it makes some allusions to the Almohads’ style as well as the painted walls of Andalusia.

– Majorelle Garden:

The French artist Jack Majorelle was the original owner of this garden. Yves Saint Laurent purchased the property, which included the Berber museum, the Library, and other buildings, when he passed away in 1962.

It is said that Jack Majorelle had a deep affection for the color blue. As a result, he gave each of his gardens a magical quality by painting them with that hue. Check out the schedule for the three-day desert excursion from Fes to Marrakech and join in on the fun! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the many tourist destinations in Marrakech.

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