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Itinerary for a 4 days trip to Morocco, going from Fes to Marrakech, with the following highlights:

An itinerary summary for a 4 days trip in Morocco, traveling from Fes to Marrakech:

Another very well-liked route across Morocco is the one that goes from Fes to Marrakech over the course of four days. It takes visitors to the middle Atlas mountains just four days to see the breathtaking scenery that the region has to offer. In addition, the most beautiful city in all of Morocco and all of Africa. After that, continue on your journey to Midelt or the city of apples. Following that, go through the high Atlas mountains for the second time in order to see the dam that is located in Errachidia city.

After traveling through Errachidia and Erfoud, you will finally reach the desert of Merzouga, which is where the adventure will start. In addition, you will ride camels to the desert camp and enjoy the sunset in the middle of Erg Chebbi as part of this excursion.

Spend the night at the camp of the nomads.

The next day will be spent exploring Merzouga, from its oasis to its surrounding towns.

The day after that, there will be a day excursion to the city of Ouarzazate, often known as the Wallywood of Africa. You will reach there after going through the valley of the Draa and several Berber settlements, and you will find the city’s largest movie studios when you get there.

You will travel from Fes to Marrakech across the High Atlas mountains on the last day of your 4-day excursion in Morocco, during which you will also see the Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou.

Following your visit to Telouet, which is known for its breathtaking panoramas, you will continue on to Marrakech, which is where our journey will come to a close.

Itinerary for a 4 days trip in Morocco, traveling from Fes to Marrakech:

The first day will take you from Fes to the desert of Merzouga, with stops at Ifrane and Erfoud.

The plan for our 4-day trip in Morocco, starting in Fes and ending in Marrakech, typically gets underway at 8:00 in the morning. You will be picked up by your driver and guide at the location of your hotel in Fes. In addition, the excursion will start by departing from Fes and then traveling via the central Atlas highlands. To begin, you will be treated to breathtaking panoramas of verdant mountains and Berber settlements. Along the journey, your driver will make sure to pull over for a cup of coffee. Following that, you’ll arrive at Ifrane, sometimes known as “little Switzerland.” The latter was given its moniker because it is considered to be the most beautiful city in Africa, and its buildings are shaped like Swiss towns in that they have triangular roofing.

You will have some time to enjoy a stroll around the city before continuing on to the cedar forest. After you have arrived, the driver that you have reserved will take you to view the Barbary macaque monkeys. In addition to this, you will provide them with some nourishment before continuing on to the city of Midelt. Because of its fertile agricultural areas, which are used to cultivate apples, this city is often referred to as the “city of apples.” After that, you will go on the route of Tizi-Ntlghamt, which will take you over the High Atlas mountains, until you reach the dam of Errachidia. You will go via Errachidia and Erfoud on your way to Merzouga, stopping at this location to capture some photographs if you are interested in doing so. This particular desert is the most popular tourist destination in all of Morocco. In addition, your driver will drop you off at the location that you specify.

get to the campsite on camels. You will get to see a breathtaking sunset in the heart of the Sahara desert when you are traveling there.

At the conclusion, you will sit around the campfire and enjoy a Berberine Music performance while gazing at the stars.

Day 2: A exploration day excursion in the Merzouga region:

A day excursion to the Merzouga desert is going to be included in the agenda for the second day of our four-day journey in Morocco, which will begin in Fes and end in Marrakech.

The attendants will rouse you in the morning so that you may take in the breathtaking dawn. Following that, you will make your way back to the campsite in time for breakfast.

Following breakfast, you will be picked up by your driver and driven to the beginning of the trip, where you will visit the Moroccan Auto National Museum to learn about the history of international automobiles. After that, travel the route to a community called Khamlia, which is populated by black people who originally migrated from Gabon and northern Mali… You will enjoy their music and learn their tale, after which you will go to the mines of Kohl and Baryte. During that time period, the French government had ownership of the property. After you have finished exploring the region, you will get in your vehicle and go to see the nomads.

You will find out where they cook and where the ladies weave hand-made carpets while you are there. These folks live in tents that they have built by hand.

After that, you will get the opportunity to capture some amazing images of the camps and the stunning dunes from a vantage point on top of a hill where you will be able to enjoy a panoramic perspective.

First and foremost, you will return to the Berber hamlet in time for lunch. If you are interested, the region is well-known for a dish known as Berber pizza, which you will have the opportunity to experience.

Following lunch, you will go to the oasis of Merzouga, and then you will return to your accommodation for the night.

Day 3: From Merzouga to Ouarzazate:

The third day of the schedule for the 4-day trip across Morocco, from Fes to Marrakech, will begin after breakfast at the local hotel. You will begin by making your way to Rissani in order to explore the Souk there (Market). Following that, you will go via the beautiful city of Alnif, where you may take in the sights of the towering palm palms that dot the surrounding valleys. Additionally, the Anti-Atlas mountains must be traversed via Nkob. From that vantage point, you’ll get your first breathtaking glimpses of the Draa River, which is Morocco’s longest river.

After taking some stunning photographs, you will continue along the winding roads of Ait-Saoun and eventually arrive at Ouarzazate.

Spend the night at a riad in the neighborhood.

Day 4: Ouarzazate to Marrakech:

The plan for the last day of our four-day trip in Morocco, which goes from Fes to Marrakech, begins once more at your accommodation in Ouarzazate.

To begin, you will make your way to Wallywood to check out the Atlas studios (Ouarzazate). It got its name from the fact that so many different directors and producers included it into their movies and television shows. After you have finished exploring the region, you will go towards Ait-Ben-Haddou or the stronghold of Glaoua, depending on which one you want. For example, “Game of Thrones” and “Gladiator.” The latter structure dates back to the eleventh century and was constructed by the Glaoui family, also known as Thami El Glaoui. You will be dropped there by your driver so that you may go explore it and take in the breathtaking views from the top of the hill.

After that, you will go at an elevation of 2260 meters over the High Atlas mountains. That particular intersection on the road is known as Tizi N Tichka. Not to mention, you will make a stop along the road at a cooperative that produces cosmetics using argan oil, and you will learn how they make use of it.

In the end, you will carry on across the Tizi n’ Tichka pass to arrive in Marrakech, which is where the plan for our 4-day trip in Morocco, starting in Fes and ending in Marrakech, concludes.

Review of the 4 days trip in Morocco, including the Fes to Marrakech itinerary:

Very strongly suggested!

Without a doubt, we had a great time on the four-day journey that went from Fes to Marrakech. Hamid, our tour guide, was well knowledgeable about all of Morocco’s unique landmarks. In addition to that, the camel driver in the desert of Merzouga who drove us all the way to the tent and did it in 1 hour and 30 minutes! Not to add the fact that the hotel in Ouarzazate was really luxurious and had a pool.

Donald C
December 2020

Discover the Best Attractions in Morocco in Just 4 Days!

In the beginning, Mohamed was the one who drove us from Fes, and along the way, we marveled at the city of Ifrane, as well as the valleys and the ancient Berber settlements. The camel ride in the desert of Merzouga was an experience we will never forget. In addition to this, on the second day we also came face to face with several nomads. In addition to that, they were quite kind and giving. On the same day, we also had the Berber pizza, which turned out to be an excellent choice. This journey comes with our highest recommendation for any visitor or anybody who is interested in going to the desert.

John R
jun 2019

Unforgettable experience!

We spent Christmas in Morocco, and during our time there, we decided to take a four-day trip from Fes to the desert near Merzouga… Mohammed, who was our driver, was an outstanding and dependable tour guide… We had delicious food at venues that were both charming and sanitary…. Incredible accommodations can be found at the Babylon hotel in the Dades gorges… Excellent supper, as well as music and dances from the Berber culture, which have stayed in my heart… Hassan, the proprietor of the firm, is known for his accuracy and dependability… A heartfelt thank you for everything… You have made my dream come true of spending the night in the wilderness… You will forever be in my thoughts and in my heart!

Angel D
November 2019

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Tour from Fes to Marrakech in Morocco lasting four days, including an outline of the itinerary’s destinations:


Because it is the cleanest city in Africa and the ninth cleanest city in the world, Ifrane is often referred to be a miniature version of Switzerland. This is one of the reasons why it is given this nickname. Although the earliest permanent settlement in the region goes back to the 16th century, the new city wasn’t founded until 1928 by the French authorities.

Caves is what the name Ifrane implies in Tamazight and Berber. They believe that the city was built on top of caverns that had housed white lions in the distant past.

Ifrane is home to a number of attractions, one of which being the prestigious university of Alkhawayn, which is well known across Morocco and the rest of the globe. Students from the United States and France attend the institution stated above in order to study there and get their degrees.

Additionally, the city is well-known for its ski clubs, which are located in the Middle Atlas Mountains, a region that receives snowfall throughout the winter months.

Ifrane is home to several sizable cedar woods that are often frequented by barbary macaque monkeys. The locals take pleasure in strolling through these forests, and the government provides them with recreation sites in which even families may camp.

During the second world war, this city served as a concentration camp for captives from all over the globe. A German prisoner is said to have sculpted a monument of a white lion at the Garden city in order to buy his release, according to a narrative from the annals of history. You will get the opportunity to explore this lovely city on foot as part of our 4-day trip across Morocco, which will take you from Fes to Marrakech. In other words, you will go to the location of the white lion monument and explore the restaurants with the names of cities in Switzerland.

Ziz valley:

The Ziz valley is a huge valley with palm groves and is known as one of the most important suppliers of dates in the Kingdom of Morocco. The most of the time, people go there to take photographs and learn about how people make a living via agriculture.

Palm trees, apricot trees, almond trees, and more are cultivated in the valley.

There is a river that runs through the valley, and that river’s name is the Ziz river. Bedouins in Aoufous are able to irrigate their agricultural grounds with the help of this water source, which runs for nearly 200 kilometers to the south of Morocco.

If you are a photographer interested in visiting the Ziz valley, join our four-day trip of Morocco, which will take you from Marrakech to Fes and our guides will show you the most photogenic locations.


It is renowned as the city of fossils, and it provides its guests with stores selling rocks that have been mined from the mountains in the area. Before becoming a desert, the area that is now Erfoud, Rissani, Merzouga, and other nearby places were covered by the bottom of a vast ancient ocean for around 350 million years. Because of this, businesses in Erfoud and archeologists from all over the globe travel to these mountains to mine the rocks and search for the mountains’ buried treasures. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more about this city.

Camel trekking in Merzouga followed by a night spent at the camp:

The Erg Chebbi Sahara desert near Merzouga is home to some of the highest sand dunes in all of Morocco. In the year 2018, the population of the city is around 4,000 people.

Camel rides, quad riding, skiing, and many more activities are just some of the things that visitors may enjoy during their time in Merzouga. That is to say, on our 4-day trip of Morocco that takes you from Fes to Marrakech, you will be picked up in Fes and driven to the Merzouga desert, where you will experience a once-in-a-lifetime camel ride to the camp.

The tour will begin with a refreshing cup of Berber tea, and then you will ride one of Erg Chebbi’s most comfortable camels to one of the region’s largest sand dunes to watch the sunset. After taking in the breathtaking sunset, you will make your way back to the camp to participate in sports such as sandboarding. Following the completion of the meal, you will be treated to a show including Berber music while sitting around the campfire.

On the second day of the trip, you will see some of the most interesting sites in the Merzouga desert and the settlements that are located nearby.

After seeing the National Auto Museum’s collection of automobiles from throughout the world, you will go to Khamlia to meet the Gnaoua people.

Second, you will make your way to the mines of Kohl and baryte, which are located in an area that was once under French administrative control.

Thirdly, a trip to see the nomads’ home territory, the place where they tend to their herd and raise their livestock.

In conclusion, depending on what you choose, you will either go back to the hotel you were staying at or stay another night at the camp.

Rissani’s Souk:

The souk (market) in the city of Rissani is one of the souks (markets) in the south that the majority of visitors visit. Following your time spent at Merzouga on our 4-day Morocco travel from Fes to Marrakech, you will make your way to Tafilalet, the capital of the region. A city is well-known for its extensive date market and its donkey bazaar in the desert…

It is estimated that there were 20,469 thousand people living in the city in the year 2004. All of the kids from Merzouga come to Rissani to get their secondary education since the town does not have a high school.

About five distinct sections make up the souk, each of which is home to vendors specializing in a different kind of item.

The caravans that used to go through Rissani on their way to Marrakech and other places carried a wide variety of spices for the people who lived there in the past.

They continue to sell spices to visitors at costs that are quite low compared to the quality of the products they provide.

Every time the Souk is opened, there is a site in the city called the festival of animals where residents may go to exchange donkeys with one another.


Ouarzazate, sometimes known as the Wallywood of Africa, is a city that is well-known for its magnificent monuments and has attracted a large number of film makers. Additionally, it is the seat of government for the province of Ouarzazate, which is located in the Draa Tafilalet area. This city is also known as the “gateway to the desert,” which is one of its nicknames. The road that departs from Ouarzazate is known as the “road of a thousand Kasbahs,” and the name comes from the abundance of Kasbahs that can be found along the route.

The Atlas studios, made famous by the production of a number of Hollywood films there, will be one of the stops on our 4-day journey that will take you from Fes to Marrakech. For example, there is the Gladiator, Alexander, the Message, and a great deal of further examples.

Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou:

One of the Ksars or Fortresses in Morocco that receives the greatest number of visitors is the Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou. Each year, it is visited by hundreds upon thousands of visitors. It is dubbed the Ksar of Glaoui alluding to Thami El Glaoui, the builder. In addition to this, Ben Haddou is credited with establishing the Kasbah in the eighteenth century. The consensus among archaeologists is that it dates to the 11th century, which is earlier than what other sources claim.

You will visit the Kasbah with one of our Moroccan travel experts on your 4-day excursion in Morocco, which will take you from Fes to Marrakech. Because the Kasbah is perched on a hill, you will begin by choosing the bridge path so that you may ascend the steps and reach the highest point of the structure. While you are traveling, you will learn how the Kasbah is painted using indigo and either green or black tea. The Glaoui tribal members used to communicate with one another using this antiquated method of letter exchange.

Ait Ben Haddou functions more like a production company for movies and television shows. Take, for instance, Lawrence of Arabia and the television show Game of Thrones…

Argan oil cooperative:

After your tour of Ait Ben Haddou, you have the option of stopping by one of the Essaouira family’s argan oil cooperatives on route to Marrakech. These cooperatives produce argan oil (the origin).

It is only found in Morocco and is used in the cosmetics industry there. There are no male employees there; all of the staff there are female, and their duty is to demonstrate to visitors how the locals make cosmetics and oil.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to sample several dishes prepared with argan oil before continuing on to Marrakech, the last destination of your four-day excursion from Fes to Marrakech.

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