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Tour of Morocco’s one week itinerary departing from Casablanca for seven days. Make reservations for your one week trip to Morocco, starting and ending in Casablanca.

Please note that alterations to this itinerary may also be made in Tangier.

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The city of Casablanca is the starting point for this 7-day journey to Morocco, which will take place all around the country. As a result, we are going to take you on an excursion to Marrakech, Ait Benhaddou, and the Dades Gorges. In addition, you will spend time in the desert of Merzouga, where you will do camel trekking and camping. In addition, not only will you learn about the historical city of Fes, but also Rabat, the nation’s administrative center.

Itinerary for our Morocco 7 days tour from Casablanca:

Day 1: Casablanca to Marrakech:

Our journey will get underway in Casablanca on the very first day of our trip. As a result, we are going to take you to visit the mosque of Hassan II, which is the only mosque that non-Muslims are permitted to enter. After that, we will drive you to Marrakech on the highway, and we will spend the night there.

Marrakech, on the second day:

A guided tour of Marrakech is on the agenda for the second day of our seven-day trip through Morocco, which will begin and end in Casablanca. As a result of this, we are going to take you to see the gardens at Menara and Majorelle. After that, we will explore the square of Jamaa El Fna and the mosque of Kotobia. Following that, we will go to the tombs of the Saadians and the palace of the kings. In addition to that, we will take you to visit the Baha’i palace as well as the art and galley of house photography. Not to mention the Souk Semmarine and the Mellah, which is the Jewish quarter.

Day 3: Depart from Marrakech and travel to Boumaln Dades.

We will travel through the High Atlas Mountains on our way to the Dades Gorges. To begin, we will go to the argan oil cooperative and then to the summit of the Atlas Mountains, which is 2,260 meters above sea level. The next stop on our excursion will be the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, a Berber fortress that was constructed by the Glaoui family. Additionally, some blockbusters, like as Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator, had portions of their films filmed there.

After that, we are going to take a road trip to Ouarzazate, where there are a number of movie studios, and we are going to stop at one of them before continuing our journey via Skoura. After some time has passed, we will first reach the rose valley and then Dades. There, at the monkey toes and the bends of Tisdrine, we are going to make our halt. At some point in the future, we are going to transport you to a hotel located in the mountains.

Day 4: Dades to Merzouga.

The highlight of our Morocco itinerary for 7 days begins and ends in Casablanca and consists of camel trekking in Merzouga and camping in Berber tents. Prior to that, we are going to explore the gorges of Todgha Gorges, which are around 300 meters high and have water flowing through the rocks. After that, we will investigate one of the ancient methods of watering oasis that humans have utilized throughout history. After that, we will continue our journey by car via Erfoud, well known as the city of date fruits and fossils.

Erg Chebbi is around 152 meters (500 feet) away, and we will be there later. Before continuing on to the heart of Merzouga, we will take a break at a viewpoint that provides a panoramic view of the area. You may leave your belongings there and just bring inside the campsite the things that you need. After that, we will take you on a camel trip to the Berber camp when we get there. Prior to that, we are going to make a pit break on the dunes to watch the sunset. After supper, our Berber friends will serenade us with their music in the tents. After that, you may ascend the sand dunes to get a better view of the Milky Way and the stars.

Day 5: Merzouga to Fes.

Following breakfast in the tent, we will ride camels back to Merzouga and bring you to your hotel. After that, we will make another trip by car through the valleys of Erfoud and Ziz, which are known for their production of dates. After that, we will continue our journey across the High Atlas Mountains, making a stop at the Errachidia dam along the way. Following that, we will go via Midelt, well known as the city of apples. After that, we will go to the cedar forest of Azrou, and during our time there, we will pay a visit to the monkeys, who are one of the creatures that can still be found in the atlas. After that, we will get in the car and go to the city of Ifrane, which is often regarded as Morocco’s most pristine major city. We will pay a visit to the statue of the lion of the atlas there, which was sculpted by a German prisoner in order to win his release.

Fes El Bali, the destination of the fifth and final day of our journey, will eventually come into view.

Day 6 : The Fes.

The itinerary for our 7-day tour of Morocco, which begins in Casablanca, includes a guided tour of Fes. That is to say, in the morning, a native guide from Fes will come to your place of lodging so that they can accompany you on your excursion through the city’s cultural sites. You will begin your tour by going to the King’s palace as well as the Jewish quarter known as El Mellah. After that, we are going to go to a Borj, which is a place on top of Fes that provides a view of the city.

Following that, we are going to drive you to the blue gate, which is the primary entrance to the Medina. There are two major streets there, and you have to choose one of them when you go somewhere and the other when you come back. These two streets are located close to the market, also known as the souk, in Fes. In addition, there is the al-Qarawiyyin University, which is the world’s very first educational institution, located on one of the streets. In addition, there are the tanneries, which are the facilities that manufacture leather. Not to add, we will also go to the pottery in Fes, which is an exceptional art created by the people of Fes.

If you are interested, we may arrange for you to have a massage, a Hammam session, or a hot Moroccan sona before the remainder of the day is through so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Day 7: Fes to Casablanca.

Our seven-day vacation that started in Casablanca is drawing to a close now. However, our first stop will be at Rabat, which is technically the capital of Morocco. There, we will go to the mosque in the Hassan Tower as well as the Kasbah at Les Oudayas, which is on the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites. At the conclusion of the tour, we will either transport you to the airport or to the Casablanca hotel where you are staying.

Our Morocco itinerary 7 days tour is recommended:

My incredible time in Morocco

My partner and I stayed in Morocco for a whole week. Casablanca was the first stop on our journey, and we were very fortunate that the travel agency had arranged for a pickup service from the airport. First, we traveled to Marrakech, where we stayed for one day with our guide Achraf. During that time, he showed us about the city and provided us with the information that we need; nevertheless, the portion of the trip that took place in the square of Jama lafna was our favorite. The camel trekking that we performed in Merzouga turned out to be the highlight of our trip, so we continued on to the southeast to get there. Following that, our Berber driver Aziz took us to Fes for a cultural guided trip there. Fes was a city in Morocco. To summarize, we had a wonderful vacation, and we definitely want to visit Morocco again in the future. I wish to suggest Touring in Morocco to everyone who is interested in hiring a travel agency since I am certain that they will not let you down. I appreciate the VIP treatment that you provided.

Luis C
December 2019

Morocco tour

In the Moroccan Sahara desert, where we were vacationing, we rang in the new year. In January of 2019, we made our travel arrangements with Aziz to go to Merzouga. While there, we camped and went on a camel ride. There, the camp owners would play music; I can’t quite put my finger on the genre, but it was quite soothing. I suppose that was the most memorable part of our vacation; we want to express our gratitude for the wonderful time we had with you and let you know that we would highly recommend Morocco Expedition as a travel agency.

Tomy N
Janauary 2020

Thank you!

Youssef is the only person who should be your driver and guide for any excursion that departs from Casablanca, and I can’t tell you much more about the tour itself.

Hiroka A
January 2019

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An outline of the places included in the 7 days Morocco itinerary:


In the first day of our Morocco itinerary 7 days trip, you will have the opportunity to discover Casablanca. As a result, we are going to take you to see the mosque that Hassan II built. In this location, Muslims are not permitted to enter or visit the inside of the building. In addition to this, it is the second biggest mosque in Africa, after the Djamaa El Djazair mosque in Algeria, and the seventh largest mosque in the world. In addition, its tower is about 689 feet tall, making it the second mosque with the world’s highest minaret.

In addition, even though Michel Pinseau was the architect who planned the mosque, Bouygues was the one who constructed it in 1993.

The mosque is located on the very end of the peninsula that juts out into the ocean. As a result, tourists that are in Casablanca, Morocco should make an effort to stop by the location.

In addition to that, the Cornish side of the sea is another reason why Casablanca is so well-known. It is where the majority of the restaurants and cafes catering to tourists are located. In addition, it is a popular destination for people to go swimming and unwind while taking in the scenery of the ocean.

Morocco Itinerary for a weeklong journey beginning in Casablanca and ending in Marrakech.
Often referred to as the “red city,” Marrakech is located in Morocco. The most popular destination for tourists in Morocco is Marrakech. As a result, it is one of the primary cities that you will see throughout the course of our 7-day travel itinerary beginning in Casablanca. To begin, this stunning metropolis is recognized as one of the imperial cities. That is to say, at one time it served as the capital of the nation. This area has a lot of interesting sights to offer.

To begin, the photograph depicts the Mosque of Koutoubia, which is both the largest and the tallest mosque in this part of Marrakech.

The majority of the cities in Morocco all have a central plaza or square. As a result, Marrakech too has one, and it is referred to as Jamaa El Fna. Individuals that engage in “street performance” known as halqa, such as snake charmers and water vendors, may be seen in this area. You will be astounded by these people. In addition, there are hotels, restaurants, and cafés in the surrounding area. It is a fantastic location for window shopping as well as general exploration.

Thirdly, you shouldn’t miss the Majorelle garden, which was designed by the French painter Jacques Majorelle and is one of the galleries that you should check out. It took him almost forty years to finish this museum and then offer it to the general public.

The Menara gardens are the name of a different garden that is also a well-liked tourist destination in Marrakech, and it is the fourth point on our list. It involves a garden that has a Menara and a pool, and it has been there since the 12th century.

Marrakech is home to a large number of other tourist destinations. If you are interested in visiting Morocco, you should secure a spot on one of our trips departing from Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, or Tangier, and we will bring you here.

Kasbah of Aitbenhaddou:

In Morocco, you’ll find a great number of kasbahs. However, the Kasbah castle of Ait Benhaddou is often regarded as the most impressive and draws the greatest number of visitors. Since 1987, this landmark has been accorded protection by the Unesco Heritage Program. Despite this, the Glawi family has owned the Kasbah since it was constructed in the 11th century.

In addition, this region is well-known for the Touareg nomad caravans that used to make the journey here from Tombouctou over the course of fifty-two days. Additionally, their goal is to engage in the trade of salt at this location, and there is a river in the image named Ouad El Maleh; Ouad is the name of the river, while Maleh refers to the salinity of the water.

In addition, there are around seven stories, and each one is packed with mud and clay homes. However, the primary one can be found at the top, as seen in the image; here is the location where they used to store the salt for other people who are interested in making a transaction.

Not to mention the fact that this location became well-known thanks to the production of a large number of movies here. For example, they had a role in the well-known film Gladiator and also in Lawrence of Arabia.

Both the Todgha Valley and the Dades valley are:

You will have the opportunity to see the Dades and Todgha valleys on our Morocco itinerary vacation that lasts for 7 days and departs from Casablanca. You are going to make a halt at the Todgha valley to check out the monkey toes mountains. In addition to this, you will go via the winding roads of Tissdrine, which were featured in an advertisement for a Cadillac automobile.

You will get to see the canyons of Morocco when you go to the Todgha Gorges; the location is not too distant from the Tinghir city province. People flock to this location to spend the day relaxing in the cool shade cast by the rocks or the canyons. Because the rocks are interspersed with a river, this spot is perfect for unwinding and taking in some fresh air. In addition, the canyons have a height of around 300 meters, and a great number of climbers visit this area to do so.

Merzouga, the Sahara desert:

The trip to Merzouga is the pinnacle of our Morocco itinerary, which begins in Casablanca and ends there. You may expect to ride over the Erg Chebbi sand dunes on the back of a camel here, and after you reach the other side, you can watch the dawn or the sunset from atop one of the dunes. Also, camp out in Berber tents and get a taste of what it’s like to live a nomadic lifestyle.

Merzouga is a large town that encompasses a number of larger communities. As an example, there are significant ones such as Hassi Labied, Takoujt, and Khamlia. The little oasis in Hassi Labied is well-known, and it is from there that the locals get their fresh produce. The name Takoujt, which derives from the word “hill,” refers to the stunning vista that it provides of all the surrounding communities. Following that comes the city of Khamlia, which is inhabited by the Gnaoua, also known as the people with black complexion. The settlements around Merzouga provide a wide variety of activities to choose from.

To begin, the camel ride over the Erg Chebbi sand dunes is unquestionably the most popular thing to do there. The majority of visitors do this excursion to see the dawn or the sunset. In addition to this, they ride them to go to the tents where the Berbers spend the night in order to sleep in them.

Second, there is a lake in the vicinity of Merzouga, about 8 kilometers from the city center, which is present mostly during the months of January, March, and May when it is the wettest. In this area, camels are used for herding, and flamingos, which are not native to this region, may be seen.

Thirdly, the Gnaoua people perform a different kind of music to amuse visitors in the town of Khamlia. This town is also a good destination to visit since every year in the month of July there is a festival celebrating the music of the Gnaoua.

During our 7 days trip of Morocco that departs from Casablanca, Fes is definitely a destination that is worth going to:

The city of Fes is known as the cultural capital of Morocco. As a result, it is a destination sought by a significant number of visitors, the majority of whom are interested in history. It served as the nation’s capital long before Marrakech, Meknes, or Rabat were ever established. That is to say, it is a city of imperial status inside the Moroccan monarchy. In addition, Idriss constructed it in the year 789. The ancient city known as the Medina is home to a wide variety of attractions and activities.

To begin, the primary entrance to the city is via a gate known as Bab Boujloud, which is also referred to as the blue gate. As a result of its stunning appearance, a large number of photographers are drawn to the building.

Second, Fes is home to the world’s oldest university, which happens to be a Madrasa known as Al Karaouiyn that is still active today.

Thirdly, the Chaouara tanneries are without a doubt the most fascinating sights in this region. It is a spot where people in the area manufacture items out of leather. In order to get access to this location, you will first need to cover your nose with a leaf of mint tea.

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