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Camel riding and Merzouga camel trekking like you’ve never seen before

Suitable for Families

If you are a family visiting Morocco and wish to go on a camel ride or camp in the Merzouga desert, our camel rides and arrangements are ideal. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and you will have an incredible time.

Professional Guide

Our guides, drivers, and camelmen are all Berbers from the region. That means they are experts at what they do, particularly when it comes to camel trekking and guiding through the desert dunes.

Photographer Friendly

Our tours, trekking, and camping enable you to explore the desert by visiting the most interesting locations. Certainly, the desert is a picturesque and appealing location, particularly for photographers and picture enthusiasts. Touring In Morocco has them available right now.

Packages are available.

Morocco Expedition offers a variety of packages. We can provide you with the best of everything, whether you want to spend 3 or 2 days in the desert or just ride camels and watch the sunset or sunrise.

Camel rides in Morocco-Camel trekking in the Sahara desert of Merzouga Erg Chebbi.

If you want to go camel trekking in Merzouga, Morocco, this is the way to go! We provide camel trekking and camping in Morocco’s desert. Not only that, but we also provide the greatest camel trekking in the Merzouga desert, culminating in a night in a Berber tent. Furthermore, our crew specializes in offering a Merzouga Erg Chebbi desert excursion with camels or the 4×4. Furthermore, we can only provide a sunset or dawn camel ride.

Camel rides and one-day camping in Morocco’s desert.


Camel trekking in Morocco is often regarded as the highlight of Morocco desert excursions. As a result, we always do our best to provide the finest Morocco camel trekking and camping in Merzouga’s desert.

1-night Camel trekking in Morocco normally begins with your arrival at Merzouga. As a result, you should aim to come early in order to see the sunset. First and foremost, we provide a location for you to park your vehicle or any large baggage. Second, we drive you to the camel, where your amazing journey begins. Our camelmen will be waiting for you, and you will ride the camel to the tent. However, they would make several pauses throughout the journey to enable you to shoot and enjoy photographs. If you come early, you will be able to enjoy the sunset from the camp. However, if you come late, the camel men will halt on the route and allow you to appreciate the wonderful scenery.

When you arrive at the camp, you will be greeted and handed a cup of mint tea. After that, you may sit and rest or go for a stroll among the dunes. You may, however, combine sandboarding with skiing. When the night falls, you will dine on a typical Moroccan supper. Then you step outdoors next to the campfire, where our crew is waiting to play the drums for you. Berber music beneath a starry sky is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The night concludes with this pleasant and joyous attitude. Finally, after breakfast, we return the camels to their starting position.

Camel trekking and two days of camping in the desert of Morocco.

If you have reached the desert of Merzouga and want to spend two nights with locals, we have the perfect plan for you!

Camel riding and camping in the Moroccan desert on day one.

We provide you with a variety of activities and things to do that will make your desert trip unique. Typically, our two days in the desert will begin with your arrival. It is recommended that you come early in the evening to see the sunset. If you have heavy items, we meet you at a predetermined location and direct you to a storage area. Then, we go for our camel ride.

We travel the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi while appreciating the beauty of the dunes on route to desert camping in Morocco. Camel rides are the most important thing to do while visiting Morocco. When you arrive at the Berber camp, you will be offered a cup of hot tea. After that, you will have free time to climb the dunes and explore the surrounding region, as well as engage in sandboarding and skiing. You ascend the dunes and see the sunset from a spectacular and distinctive vantage point.

When night falls, you will be given a superb traditional Moroccan supper. Then, our staff will build a campfire and prepare to play drums and provide entertainment. Certainly, listening to Berber music beneath a starry sky is a unique experience.

Day 2: Merzouga desert excursion.

The second day of our journey will consist of a desert excursion in the Merzouga desert. However, there are two distinct ideas for exploring the desert environment. Some visitors want to explore the desert in a traditional manner, thus they ride camels on a short circle. As the primary objective of your excursion, you will see Nomadic communities. Moreover, if the weather is nice and clear, you may prolong your camel ride in Morocco to explore other locations similar to M’Ifiss. However, this trip is not as popular with visitors as the second plan with the 4×4 since it enables them to see many more locations.

The second plan with the 44 is the most popular and often scheduled desert excursion in Merzouga. In general, the tour begins with a pickup from the camp and a trip to see the Berber Nomads. These people are the inventive residents of Morocco, and they continue to live a traditional nomadic existence in tents. If you have the opportunity, you will observe their herd. Some of these Nomads have more than seven members, including many wives. After meeting these individuals, we go to M’ifiss by way of a number of magnificent panoramas that provide a unique perspective of the desert.

Next, we will take you to Khamlia, an additional interesting location you will find. This little town is situated near Merzouga and is inhabited by Gnaoua. We will spend around thirty minutes learning about their culture and listening to their music. Usually, we eat lunch at one of the restaurants in the neighbourhood. Then, we proceed to explore further locations, such as the Oases. The evening spent at a riad, hotel, or Berber camp.

Camel rides in Morocco; three days of walking and camping in the Merzouga desert.

Three days in the desert is perhaps one of the most unusual methods to explore the desert. In general, it is the optimal approach to discover and explore a variety of locations. Therefore, if you want to visit the desert effectively, our three-day itinerary is the ideal way to do so. We provide the greatest camel rides in Morocco, desert trekking in Merzouga, as well as a camel and 44 desert trip to explore the desert environs.

First day of camel trekking and camping in the desert of Merzouga, Morocco.

The first day begins with your arrival and our agreed-upon meeting location. We transport you to our guesthouse, where you may leave your vehicle and other heavy items. Immediately afterwards, we mount the camels and traverse the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi. Certainly, the vistas are magnificent. Observing the shifting hues of the sand dunes atop the strongest and most patient desert animal is what makes our camel rides in Morocco the highlight of all the country’s activities.

Based upon your arrival. If you come early, we will be able to see the sunset from the campsite. Nevertheless, if you come a little late, we will grab it in route. Typically, we see the sunset from our camp. With the arrival at the desert camp, you will be offered a cup of prepared tea. After that, you’ll have free time to stroll about, climb the dunes, and see the sun setting and the dunes’ color changing in a peaceful and tranquil environment.

The night in the desert is a unique experience. At first you will be offered a Moroccan traditional dish as supper. While enjoying supper, our crew will be preparing the campfire and getting ready to play drums. We welcome you outdoors and the music begins. It will be a memorable encounter with locals beneath the sky.

Small camel excursion through the Merzouga desert on the second day.

After breakfast, the second day of our trek through the desert begins. You may shower at the tent before to boarding the camels. We mount our camels once again and go off to explore the Berber Nomads. We traverse the dunes and some hills to get to these people that are the original inhabitants of Morocco and North Africa in general. With these Berbers, you will learn the true Moroccan way of life. They are well-known for their warmth and desire to share their culture and customs with others. We will spend some time here and sit beneath the tents to experience the authentic flavor of these people’s way of life.

Typically, our excursion ends here, and our camelmen return you to Merzouga or the camp. If the weather is pleasant and not too hot, or if you so want, you may prolong your journey and visit M’Ifiss’s kohl mine. This region was colonized by France. It is one of the largest kohl and Barite rock deposits in the southeast of Morocco. However, after France’s departure, this location remained deserted for years. Yet In the past years it was restored to life again and some individuals from the region began utilizing it.

In a short time after locating the location, we might ride the camels to lunch or just return to the tent. You will have the option of spending the night in a hotel or returning to the camp after we leave the camels. The evening is another opportunity to climb the dunes and view the gorgeous sunset again.

In the desert, you may participate in a variety of sports, such as ATV Quad or buggie rides.

Day 3: Discovery Merzouga desert excursion with the 4×4.

On the third day of our incredible excursion in the desert, we will drive the 44 to explore further locations. Typically, we begin by visiting the Moroccan national auto museum, where you can view a variety of old and modern 44 vehicles. This property belongs to an Emirati. We then transport you to Khamlia, where you may listen to Gnawa music and dance to its beat. This little hamlet is not like the other communities in the vicinity. It is inhabited by a distinct civilization, which enhances the desert’s wealth and prosperity. It is thought that the Gnaoua or Gnawa originated in many locations, such as Mali and Gabon…

In a bit, we will be going to Galb Nass or People’s heart in English. One of the region’s most iconic vistas We will then travel across the dunes on route to Tissrdmin. Due to the frequent presence of sand dunes, only 4×4 vehicles are permitted to travel on the route we are about to travel. We will reach the renowned settlement of Tissrdmin, which is famed for having some of the largest Oases in Merzouga. In addition, it is regarded one of the most important fossil resources in the region. If we have the opportunity, we will visit Erfoud, where there are little stores producing and exporting fossils.

Camels in Morocco for four days of hiking and camping in the Merzouga desert and a picnic at Medjakh.

You are in the desert of Merzouga and want to spend four days seeing this beautiful town and its environs with local Berber guides. Touring In Morocco includes camel rides and lunches for four full days. In addition, you will explore traditional souks and spend the night in nomadic Berber settlements.

Day 1: Arrival and sunset camel ride, then return to the accommodation in Merzouga:

Once you’ve arrived at Merzouga through your own transportation or one of our excursions from Fes, Marrakech, Casablanca, or Tangier, you may begin your camel trek. At the beautiful village of Merzouga, our team will greet you with hot tea to help you recover from the journey.

Our Moroccan tour guide or a team member will first bring you to the traditional hotel. In other words, you will see how stunning the panoramic views from your lodging are.

After a little period of relaxation, you will be taken to the location of the renowned once-in-a-lifetime Moroccan camel ride. Lala Merzouga, the largest sand dune, reached a height of 150 meters at its peak. To reach the summit, you will need to walk, since the camels will end at the base. It will take you around 30 minutes to reach the summit, where you will witness breathtaking views. For example, the lake of Srij and all the settlements around Merzouga. Also comprising the oasis of Hassi Labied.

After twilight, you will ride camels back to your hotel in Merzouga, where you will spend the night and take a shower.

Day 2: Sunrise quad biking and picnic in Sefsaf and camping:

In the early morning, you will ride quad bikes for around one hour to see the breathtaking sunrise. Following that, you’ll return to the hotel for breakfast. After that, your 4WD driver will arrive to transport you to Sefsaf for the picnic in the Merzouga desert.

Sefsaf is located in close proximity to the Algerian border. It is renowned for its picturesque desert vistas and as one of the most tranquil picnic areas. From Merzouga, it will take around two hours to reach the nomads’ settlement. Tents fashioned from camel skin can withstand rain, but not wind. You will learn where these folks prepare their meals, where they store their herd, and which family member is responsible for caring for the herd. They are well regarded for their benevolence. Therefore, they always greet visitors with herbal tea. Additionally, traditional foods like as pita bread. In addition, you will determine where carpets made from camel leather are produced.

After seeing the nomads, you will continue your trip of the Merzouga desert by traveling around one hour to reach the little settlement of Tisrdmine. A tranquil area where a Berber tribe resides. Then, you will continue resting among the palm trees of M’djekh. You will have a delicious Berber pita bread for lunch in the vicinity.

You will eventually reach Sefsaf, where you will pitch your tents for the night and cook your meal over an open fire.

Day 3: Return to Merzouga town and tour the souk:

In the early morning, you will awaken before dawn, have a small meal, and then travel to a well-known location in Merzouga among the nomads. In this region, a guy stands ready to give visitors and passing camel caravans the finest Berber pitta bread. It is intended for you to have lunch in this beautiful setting.

After lunch, we will continue our journey through the Merzouga desert to Gelb Nass, also known as the “people’s heart.” It is from here that you will get panoramic views of the desert camps and Erg Chebbi.

On the route, you will visit the settlement of the Gnaoua tribe and learn where their music originated. Moreover, their emphasis on music as a means of expressing their culture.

We will next return to the village of Merzouga to explore its souk. Prior to that, you will arrive at the hotel to rest and have an optional shower.

One of our local guides will pick you up at your hotel and take you on a tour of the whole souk and surrounding agricultural fields.

You will be shown the spices of Merzouga at one of the most prominent stores. Second, you will get the opportunity to try on Berber clothing for free at one of the local stores.

Thirdly, you will see the oasis where apricots, figs, and certainly palm trees are grown.

Eventually, return to the hotel for the evening.

Day 4: Erfoud fossils and a camel ride to camp in Merzouga, Morocco

On the last day of our camel trekking and Merzouga desert trip in Morocco, you’ll explore the renowned city of Erfoud. Numerous archeologists flocked there to uncover its buried treasures. Erfoud is renowned for the firms that harvest fossils from the mountains. Prior to one million years ago, the Merzouga desert, Erfoud, Rissani, and surrounding regions were a vast sea. Consequently, trekking in these mountains may lead to the discovery of many fascinating items. For example, there exist inscriptions on rocks, bones, Ammonites, and other fossils.

On our desert trip of Erfoud and Merzouga, we visited one of the most popular enterprises. When we arrive, they will demonstrate all the processes used to soften rocks… In addition, you will have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs such as camel stones and other decorative items.

Erfoud is one of the most renowned places in Morocco for its high-quality date production. Every year, a celebration is held to commemorate the seasons of dates. Therefore, feel free to sample some fresh dates.

After lunch, you will return to the hotel to rest and recuperate. After that, your driver will pick you up to begin your camel experience. You will see a breathtaking sunset on route to the campsite.

When you arrive, you will sandboard (optional) and hike the magnificent Erg Chebbi sand dunes.

The campfire will be lit and you will be treated to a Berber music performance beneath the stars.

Contact us if you are interested in the 4-day camel trekking and Merzouga desert trip in Morocco or if you are prepared to tailor it to various locations.

Camel rides in Morocco, five days of walking and camping in the Merzouga desert:

We plan a 4-night, 5-day vacation as part of our desert tours in Morocco and camel trekking in the Merzouga desert. If you are ready to spend 5 days exploring the Merzouga desert and surrounding areas, this itinerary is ideal. We incorporated several intriguing items to explore. For example, visiting the souk of Rissnai, the attractions of Merzouga, and the fossils of Erfoud.

Day 1: Arrival and Merzouga(Erg Chebbi) camel trip to the desert camp in Morocco:

Whether you arrive in Merzouga through our excursions or your own transportation, our team will be there to greet you. In order to refresh and unwind, the hotel will provide you with a cup of mint tea. Next, our experienced driver will bring you up to ride camels. Merzouga or Erg Chebbi camel trekking for roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes.

On the way, you will stop at one of the highest sand dunes in Erg Chebbi to watch the sunset. After taking some wonderful photographs, you restart your camel journey to the camp. You will sandboard and stroll the sand dunes there.

After supper, you will see a Berber music performance and gaze at the night sky.

Day 2: Visit Rissani’s souk and Khamlia hamlet before returning to the hotel:

The second day of our Merzouga desert trip and Erg Chebbi camel trekking includes a visit to a prominent city in the south of Morocco. After a typical hotel breakfast, your driver will pick you up to begin the trip. We will travel for around one hour to reach the beautiful souk. To begin, we will see the spices and get information about them and their origins.

In the past, Rissani served as a stopover for caravans traveling from southern Mali and Gabon… They carried spices with them and sold them to Rissani and Sijil Massa residents.

After learning about spices, you will eat the Medfouna or pitta bread from Rissani for lunch.

After lunch, we will return to Merzouga and enjoy a hotel break.

Your driver will take you to Khamlia’s hamlet in the afternoon to experience the traditional music of the Gnaoua people. In the past, they arrived from nations like as Gabon, southern Mali, and Nigeria. Currently, a tribe of them resides in the Khamlia town close to Merzouga. The purpose of our tour will be to learn how they used music to convey their culture. We will learn about their history, their leader, and the location of their annual celebration.

Eventually, arrive at the hotel where our Merzouga desert trip concludes to unwind and spend the night.

Day 3: Merzouga desert (Erg Chebbi) trip to find the sites and sunset with camels; hotel return:

On the third day of our Merzouga desert trip, you will depart the accommodation after breakfast. A trip to Erg Chebbi to learn about its attractions. We will first drive you to the National Auto Museum, which is owned by an Emirati. Inside, you will see vintage automobiles, including vintage Japanese, Chinese, and British vehicles. In addition, he possesses brand-new International electric vehicles.

After our museum tour, we will go to the town of Khamlia to learn about the history and customs of another Gnaoua tribe.

After seeing this tribe, we will go to M’Ifiss and investigate the Kohl and Baryte rock mines. The former owner of a location was the French administration. To observe a panoramic view of the historic hamlet and sand dunes, it is necessary to climb a popular hill upon arrival.

Thirdly, we will visit the nomads and see where they store their livestock and cook. In the past, Morocco was regarded as a tribal nation. In other words, there are still a number of them in various towns and arid regions. Erg Chebbi is inhabited by several Berber tribes that live far apart from one another. There is always a member of the family that attends to the herd. Other individuals, please bring water from the well.

In a portion of their dwelling (the tent), the grandmother traditionally creates rugs from camel leather. She provides them to both visiting tourists and those eager to purchase a memento.

Finally, enjoying lunch in the Khamlia hamlet and returning to the hotel to spend the night.

Picnic and camping in Sefssaf (Erg Chebbi) and visiting other nomads on the fourth day:

As previously stated, we offer a desert tour in Merzouga (Erg Chebbi) in order to reach Sefssaf for a once-in-a-lifetime desert picnic.

After breakfast at the hotel in the morning, we will begin our tour of Erg Chebbi by visiting a nomad family. We will then transport you to a Berber pitta bread restaurant for lunch. Next, travel for one hour to reach Sefsaf. Your driver will make certain to take you to the best location for camping and dinner.

You will prepare Berber tea and have breakfast in the morning, then return to the Merzouga desert to relax and spend the night.

5th day: Erfoud fossils tour and quad biking in Erg Chebbi for sunset

On the final day, we will introduce you to the city of Erfoud. It is widely known as the city of fossils. Archeologists who own businesses in the city visit annually for discovery purposes. A million years ago, all of Erfoud, the Erg Chebbi desert, and Rissani were covered by a vast ocean. Therefore, numerous types of rocks can be found in the mountains. For example, Ammonites and Baryte, among others.

We will take you to one of the most renowned businesses for bone extraction. They will demonstrate how the whole process of softening the stones works. In addition, you will have the opportunity to purchase mementos such as dromedary stones, egg stones, and plates.

You will eventually return to the hotel for lunch and relaxation. Our five-day, four-night Morocco desert vacation including camel trekking in the Merzouga desert concludes with a sunset Quadbiking excursion.

Sunset and dawn rides on camels in Morocco:

 Morocco Expedition offers the greatest camel rides in Morocco to see both the sunset and dawn. We offer without a doubt the greatest programs and the best guides. Since we were born in the desert, camel trekking in Merzouga, Morocco was something we enjoyed doing. Our staff is constantly prepared to provide you with the finest sunset and dawn camel trips.

Sunset camel rides in Morocco.

 Sunset camel rides are one of the most popular activities in the Merzouga desert. To begin the journey, you must first notify us the day or days before to your arrival in the desert. We will meet you at a specified location and transport you to our location, where you may deposit your vehicle or other large items. Following this, we will go to ride camels. Our skilled staff will assist you in mounting the camel and explain how to do it securely. In addition, they will make as many stops as you like to get some incredible photographs along the journey. We will drive towards the largest dune that we can reach.

When we get at our destination, the camels will remain in their parking area while we climb a short distance, since they cannot traverse steep terrain. On the summit, a blanket will be provided so that you may rest and take in the breathtaking views. Unquestionably, what makes this experience really unique is the desert’s solitude, and as the sun sets, the color of the sand dunes will change. Then, we will return the camels to the location from where we departed after capturing the sunset and taking some stunning photographs.

Sunrise camel rides in Morocco.

 The dawn camel ride is one of the most enjoyable camel rides available. Due to the late hour, few people were able to catch the sunrise. Therefore, there will be less noise and silence. We will rise early in the morning and ride camels to the best location for viewing the sunrise. Our team will lead you to the best spot on the dune and provide you with a blanket upon arrival. As the sun rises, the scenery changes and becomes increasingly beautiful. You will have ample time to enjoy, unwind, and take photographs. Finally, we will return to our starting location. Without a doubt, we would stop to take photographs of the camels. Our tour concludes with a drop-off at an agreed-upon location.

Are you interested in a trip in Morocco?

Morocco Expedition offers the most personalised tours in Morocco. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in a trip, or check out our bespoke excursions listed below. The majority of our itineraries include camel rides in Morocco and desert hiking in Merzouga.