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Fes excursions, whether private or in a group, are a favourite choice among travelers on our travels to Morocco. When it comes to the Moroccan cities that tourists fly to. Fes and Marrakech, two cultural hotspots, come to mind. Because of this, our tour operator “TIM” has created a number of itineraries based on requests from long-gone clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance planning a trip to a different city or location.

Couples, families, and small groups are all welcome on our Desert trips departing from Fes. We offer a variety of Desert trip options. If you want, we may also arrange a private trip for you and a friend or family member.

From Fes, you may go on a variety of private and group desert excursions.


Our trips begin in Fes, so you can have a full day to explore the city before setting off on your desert adventure. Fes is home to a plethora of fascinating sights and sounds. For a variety of reasons, it is recognized to be the cultural capital of the nation. Additionally, it is the capital of Morocco.

We offer a variety of trips in Fes, and these are the key sights you’ll see:

Fes’ most renowned tanneries district, the Chouara Tanneries, is also the city’s biggest. It was built in the 17th century and restored in 2016 to seem like a high-end restaurant. When you arrive, the finest location to take in the scenery is from the balconies that line the streets. You should also attempt to visit in the morning, when the dried dirt holes are cleansed and brightly colored. The patio of a renowned leather store is the ideal location for this. Numbers 10 and 64 on the street are popular with tourists. In light of the abundance of salespeople in the neighborhood, you may simply dismiss any sales pitches you get. Negotiation is a must in any area of Morocco if you want to obtain a good deal on anything.

An historic school in the Moroccan city of Fes is named after Faris ibn Ali Abu Inan al-Mutawakkil, and its building exemplifies the country’s traditional style. This Madrasa may only be accessed through Tala’ Seghira or Tal’ Lekbira streets. Dar Al Magana is the name given to the building on the other side of it. A highly opulent mosque with elements of Moroccan design. The Madrasa is said to have been constructed by the same architect.

Fes has a lot to offer, but these are just a few of the best things to see and do. For additional information, please get in touch with us.

From Fes, you may take a trip to Chefchaouen:

North of Marrakech is Chefchaouen, often known as the blue pearl. With its blue walls and gorgeous mountains, it draws a large number of visitors.

It’s known for its water springs, shopping malls, and a slew of other enticing attractions.

Our excursions from Fes, Morocco, to Chefchaouen, Morocco, take you to the following destinations:

Chefchaouen’s old city and Medina are great places to go shopping. Many travelers may want to take home a piece of the city’s vibrant culture as a memento. Unlike the bustling souks of Marrakech and Fes, in this little Moroccan town, the souks are much more intimate. It is most known for its laid-back atmosphere, not for its throngs of people. Shoes and coats alike are made renowned in this city’s leather-goods industry.

Akchour is a stunning destination to visit after experiencing the beautiful city of Chefchaouen. Akchour’s stunning waterfalls, which are within 30 minutes from the city center, are a popular tourist destination.

The gardens of the Kasbah are a popular spot for visitors to the Medina. The Kasbah Museum is housed among these complexes. A stunning location with a gallery of fine art to boot. If you’re curious in the history and culture of this charming city, pay a visit there.

Every Moroccan city has at least one square, and this is Plaza Uta al-Hammam. The Uta el-Hammam is a nice location to unwind in the heart of Chefchaouen. Also, if you’re game for sampling some local food, this is the way to go.

It is possible to see Ifrane on one of our desert journeys from Fes.

You may visit Ifrane on any of our desert trips from Fes, whether it’s a private or group one. To begin with, you’ll go from Fes to Ifrane across the Middle Atlas Mountains. Last but not least, it’s the eighth best city in the world and the best in Africa. The city garden is the main draw for visitors. During the Second World War, a German prisoner made this lovely statue of a white lion. Previously, Ifrane was a camp for troops, and the statue of a German soldier was sculpted by him in order to be freed.

Ifrane is also home to one of the country’s largest institutions, the University of Alakhaouin, which attracts students from all over the world. On the other hand, this one sits at the very front of the palace.

Skiing is another activity you’d like. Considering that Ifrane is the coldest city in Morocco, it receives snow during the winter months. There are a variety of ski groups and businesses to choose from, all of which can provide an unforgettable skiing experience.

Our individual and group desert trips from Fes will take you to the Ziz Valley:

The Ziz Valley in Morocco is one of the most beautiful valleys in the country. Our Fes desert trips include visits to Ifrane and the High Atlas Mountains before arriving in the Ziz Valley. To Erfoud’s north, some 50 kilometers away, lies one of the country’s most important date-producing regions. Many photographers plan to visit this site for the purpose of photographing it. It’s seen as a haven by many.

Our individual and group desert trips from Fes are available, as well as information on how to get in touch with us.

Our customized desert trips from Fes will let you discover Erfoud.

The city of Erfoud is one of the numerous highlights of our Fes desert treks to Merzouga. Merzouga, a town in the Sahara Desert, can be reached in about 40 minutes. Known as the city of fossils, Erfoud is a popular destination for archaeologists. According to legend, the area between Erfoud and Merzouga, as well as nearby villages, was once covered by a sea millions of years ago. That helps to explain why there are so many fossils in the mountains surrounding this city.

Date palm oases dot the landscape around Erfoud.

There are many Kasbahs for stone extraction specialists if you’d like to see how they carve on the fossils. Traditionally, a dates festival is held in honor of the fruit’s peak season during the third week of October.


You can visit the souk in Rissani from Erfoud. Furthermore, it is referred to as the desert souk because it was the first of its kind in the region.


Glamping and camel rides with our Fes desert tours:

Merzouga camel rides and night at the Berber Tent are surely the highlights of our Morocco private and group desert tours from Fes. After visiting all the attractions from Ifrane to Erfoud, 40 minutes to arrive at the Erg Chebbi desert. One of Morocco’s various ergs, it’s sand dunes climb up to 150m affording it’s tourists wonderful panoramic views for the city and the lake of Srij.

When arrived in Merzouga you will be received by our team and sample a cup of Berber herbs’ tea to rejuvenate. After that, you will be transported to the region where you ride camels.

The camel guy or leader will take you for around 1h and 30 minutes through the center of Erg Chebbi desert, to arrive at your well-equipped tent. At one of the sand dunes, you’ll be able to take in the stunning sunset.

A variety of activities such as Sandboarding are available when you first arrive at the camp.

Discovery of the Merzouga desert in a single day:

Many visitors plan a day excursion to explore the desert the next day. Merzouga’s top sights may be explored in style on a 4×4 tour.

Your first discovery is the Hassi Labied oasis, a collection of agricultural fields near the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. To irrigate their property, the people of Hassi Labied rely on subsurface water.

Also on the itinerary is a trip to Morocco’s Individual Auto Museum, which is owned by a wealthy UAE national. Explore the surroundings and go to Khamlia, a small settlement in the region.

The Touareg people, who are from Gabon, Mali, and other nations, will be introduced to you when you arrive at the settlement specified.

Before moving on to the M’Ifiss land (where Kohl and Baryte rocks are mined), you’ll see a performance of their traditional music. In the 16th century, it was owned by the French government.

Next, you’ll head to the nomadic tribes. These people live in tents made out of camel leather. Besides, every family has its own herd that one member of the family herds, when you arrive there you will see where their women make carpets, where they cook and so many interesting things to admire.

After visiting the nomads, you will drive to one of the famous panoramic views at the area. You will take some pictures and get back to the Touareg village for lunch.

These are the main attractions of Merzouga when booking our private or group desert tours from Fes.

Erg Chebbi desert trekking with just camels:

As previously indicated, camel trekking is a popular alternative to Jeep tours while seeing Merzouga’s sights. As a result, we include a full-day camel ride as an option on all of our Fes desert trips, both individual and group.

Prior to embarking on the Jeep trip, you’ll ride camels to see all of the above-mentioned sights. Weld Ma, or the Berber pizza maker, is the next stop on your tour of Morocco. Throughout the journey, your camel guy will make sure to pause and take in the scenery.

First, you’ll brew tea and have a delicious meal overlooking Erg Chebbi’s stunning sand dunes while learning how to create Berber pizza.

In the end, you may either return to your hotel in Merzouga by the same route you came in on or remain at the camp.

Near Fezna, there is an irrigation system:

In the past, the Berber tribes of Morocco relied on subterranean water to irrigate their farmland. After visiting Erfoud returning from Merzouga, a big expanse of subterranean irrigation system can be found near to Fezna city. To put it another way, a large number of wells are interconnected. We can safely state that in the summer, the scorching heat dries them all out. The people of Fezna are renowned for their love of dates, which is why they drew and linked these wells.

When you arrive, you’ll be awed by the depth of the wells. Not to mention, they’ll show you where they obtain their water.

Todgha Gorges are included in our private, small-group, Fes desert trips.The Dades and Todgha Gorges in the south are two of Morocco’s most renowned and beautiful gorges.

Once you’ve seen Fezna’s gorgeous irrigation canals, you’ll head to Tinghir, the date capital of the world. The valley of Todgha, which is a major source of dates in the nation, gives the area its name. Once you’ve had your fill of the vistas, you’ll travel to the canyons.

The first thing you’ll want to do when you arrive is go for a stroll around the neighborhood, like most visitors do.

Todgha is a popular spot for family outings, climbing, and more. In addition, there is a lovely subterranean river in the area. In addition, the nomadic people of the region come their vehicles to get water from there.

For those looking to explore the High Atlas Mountains in more depth, the route taken by vehicles across the region may lead to a variety of towns and small Berberic settlements.

To inquire about climbing or book one of our private, group, desert treks from Fes to Marrakech, please contact us.

Examine T’issdrin curves and Dades gorges:

Boumalne Dades is around a half-hour drive from Todgha Gorges. It’s a stunning location famed for its many Kasbahs with stunning vistas. When referring to the valleys, it is quite similar to Todgha. From the Gorges to the outskirts of the city, the Dades valley is around 80 kilometers long (5km).Wadi gorges, such as the Dades Gorges, may be found in the High Atlas Mountains.

For those who book a Fes desert trip to Marrakech, our crew will ensure that you experience all of the sights in Boumalne Dades. As a bonus, book a stay in one of the greatest Kasbahs in the area.

You begin by visiting the monkey fingers hills, which are referred to as such by locals. For some reason, the top appears like monkey fingers, so you’ll snap a few photos there before heading to T’issdrine curves.

For non-professional drivers, it’s impossible to make it to the top of the Gorges on the final road indicated.The Gorges and the valley are well seen from the hotel’s vantage point above.

Touring the Roses Valley in Fes, Morocco:

The route to Ouarzazate through the Roses Valley or K’laat Megouna is more scenic after stopping at Boumalne Dades. Valley of the Roses, a little village famed for its beauty and tranquility.

Small rose water cooperatives, especially in the town’s core, power the town’s economy. It takes its name from M’egoun, a hill outside of the city.There is also an annual rose festival when people from all over the world gather to enjoy every season of roses.

With our Fes desert excursions, our experts can show you to the finest cooperatives if you’d want to learn more about the process of making rose water.It’s time to visit Skoura’s Amrhidil Kasbah.

To go to the Kasbah of Amrhidil, you have to go via Skoura after seeing the Roses Valley. Building began in the 17th century, making it one of the finest Moroccan Kasbahs ever constructed.

The Kasbah Amrhidil rises above the surrounding fortifications after a short journey to the Skoura River. It was built in the 13th century. It’s unique since they still have a 50 MAD inside. There are also relics from the days when people lived in mud huts, so it’s more like a museum.

The spectacular Oasis may be seen if you follow the stairwell all the way to the top. This is a great opportunity to view the tribe’s lodging.

The Kasbah’s owners, the Nassiri family, built a modest hotel to supplement their income, and it can be found immediately adjacent to the Kasbah for those who like to spend more time admiring it.

In addition, a renowned movie scene was filmed against the building’s sand-colored walls (Lawrence of Arabia).

Tours to Ouarzazate’s attractions departing from Fes:

In Ouarzazate, or Ouallywood of Africa, the journey of a thousand Kasbahs begins after the visit to Skoura’s kasbahs.Ouarzazate is home to Morocco’s biggest Kasbah, the Taourirt Kasbah. At the middle of town, it is easy to get there.

Thami El Glaoui owned it in the nineteenth century, and it is known as a labyrinth because of its over 300 rooms and its mud-brick walls, which mirror the style of Moroccan olf architecture.

The Atlas studios in Ouarzazate, which were created in the 20th century and have been used in several films and television shows, are the second item to see in the Moroccan city. For example, there are several shows like Game of Thrones and Gladiator.Studios fans will be happy to know that their hotel offers a selection of the studio’s classic films for guests to enjoy.

The Kasbah and settlement of Ait Ben Haddou:

Many Kasbahs may be seen on our Fes desert trips, but Ait Ben Haddou is the country’s biggest and most historic. Moreover, others claim that it has been there since the Glaoua family occupied the area in the 11th century.

People believe Ben Haddou is buried beneath the town of Ait Ben Haddou, the creator of the Kasbah.Once you arrive, the Ounila Valley, which stretches for at least 50 kilometers, will astound you.

The only way to get to the top of the building is to use the stairs. On the journey, you’ll learn how the Kasbah is painted in an old-fashioned manner (mixing green tea with sugar then burn the paper).

The Kasbah resembles a film or television production facility. In addition, the Gladiator and other Hollywood blockbusters were filmed there. Also, Game of Thrones in the UK.The magnificent Jewish mosque and the Ounila Valley may be seen from above.

Ait-Ben-Haddou is a fascinating historical site that may be explored on a day trip from Marrakech.

Fes-to-Marrakech city tours: a desert excursion

Our travel service offers two ways to see Marrakech, including excursions to Marrakech and desert tours from Fes that culminate in Marrakech.Our travels often conclude with a stop in Marrakech after seeing everything along the route from Fes. If you’re looking for a city with a lot to see and do, this is the place.

Begin by seeing the Bahia or Gardens palaces with your guide. Late in the 19th century, it was renamed the “Brilliance” building. In addition, it’s a garden set.

Second, we’ll visit the garden of Majorelle, which is situated near the French Museum of Modern Art. It took four decades for its inventor, Jack Majorelle, to create all of it. You’ll have to pay a price to get in, but it’s worth it.As a last stop, we’ll stroll through the Koutoubia and Menara gardens in downtown Cairo.

As a last treat, you’ll be able to stroll around the plaza of Jameelah Lefna, where snake charmers and dancers will be on display.

Discovering everything that Meknes has to offer:

Nearby Meknes is the city’s cultural center. As a result, we include a tour of the city with a local guide in our travels from Fes.

The first stop on your tour will be Bad El Mansour Laleuj, one of Morocco’s biggest gateways. Right in front of Morocco’s most renowned plaza, Lehdim, you’ll find it. The Isla Mulay’s formal gate was erected. In addition, it and Meknes’ ancient city are also designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The second site you’ll see is Hri-es Souani, which was used to store wheat grain in ancient times.Volibilus, or the Roman ruins, is a Unesco World Heritage Site that dates back to the third century B.C. and is located outside of Meknes.

Fourth, you’ll see Kara Jail, Morocco’s only prison without a door. Hundreds of individuals have entered, but no one has been able to go out or find their way out of the place. Since the reign of Moulay Ismail in the 18th century, it has stood.