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Honeymoon in Morocco:

Most couples image pristine beaches with palm palms cascading into the ocean and quaint thatched huts on the beach when they anticipate their honeymoon. We want to defy this cliche by inviting you to spend your honeymoon in Morocco, a genuine oriental fairy tale.

A honeymoon in Morocco, or why not explore a nation often overlooked by Europeans, the home of French beach cafés offering true Arabic coffee?

Morocco, the undiscovered country, is the actual gateway to a world of African and Islamic culture, which blends with European culture at every turn, whether you’re wandering through the market square in the red city of Marrakech or strolling down the sun-drenched coastline in Rabat, Morocco’s capital.

In this African country drenched in the Atlantic and nicknamed the “westernmost corner,” all fans of ethnic architecture, hospitable people, pleasant weather and humid breezes, peaceful suburbs, and unique food will find plenty to adore.

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General knowledge:

Once upon a time, the Atlantic coast of Morocco was believed to be the westernmost land, beyond which lied the unknown. Morocco is sometimes known as “Pearl of the Maghreb,” or “Land of the Setting Sun.”

When should a Moroccan honeymoon be planned?

You cannot visit Morocco during the summer unless you want to spend 24 hours on the Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches. The towns are terribly hot, and Moroccans joke that you don’t even need a fire to prepare meals in the desert. Even if you want to ski or snowboard on the snowy slopes of the Atlas Mountains in the winter, you shouldn’t travel there. The temperature in the cities maintains about +20 degrees Celsius, but it rains.

Morocco’s finest months are April and October.

After the winter rains, the valleys become verdant and spring flowers bloom. By late autumn, the trees were bowed under the weight of ripe pomegranates, oranges, and tangerines, but the land surrounding the plantations resembled a “crossroads of stone rivers.”

When researching the nation’s history, you not only travel in space, but also in time. The current lunar Muslim calendar year in Morocco is 1435, while the solar Berber calendar year is 2964. Consider Islamic holidays when making travel arrangements. For example, avoid scheduling your honeymoon during Ramadan.

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Travel routes:

Since antiquity, Morocco’s ruling dynasties have succeeded one another, and the sultans have shifted the throne and harem to various towns, earning the area the moniker “nation of five capitals.” There are few cities in the world, practically all of them are UNESCO-protected, and each one offers something special. Bring brilliant hues to your Moroccan honeymoon adventure by visiting “red” Marrakech, “blue” Chefchaouen, and “white” Essaouira.


Fans of historical films and Eastern fairy tales should begin their journey of Morocco at Fez. In its historic district, the medina, time seemed to have stopped. In this zone, all vehicles of transportation are outlawed with the exception of horses and donkeys. You will spend many hours traversing the small streets, admiring the tightly packed homes, and browsing at the merchants’ stores.

Nearly every home in the medina serves many functions. In a first-floor workshop, they create pots, weave garments, and bake bread. Everything is for sale there. You may get something wonderful for your family nests, like as a hand-forged lamp or a gorgeous painted dish, that will represent your affection and serve as a reminder of your stay in this city.


After Fez, on your honeymoon in Morocco, visit Meknes, a city noted for its beautiful gates and the ruins of the mighty Sultan Molyai Ismail’s citadel. In the 1980s, a vast subterranean prison was discovered here. According to the folklore, an infatuated pair visited the location to calm their worries, but they never returned. 

A shrine dedicated to a water carrier can be found near the stables of the Sultan. In the past, he was highly esteemed because he was the only person with keys to every building in the city, and he was frequently asked to arrange marriages.

It is said that water carriers in those days were responsible for the formation of numerous young families. The Volubilis cemetery is close to Meknes. Built during the Roman Empire, the city was nearly completely destroyed in the 1811 Lisbon earthquake.

You may arrive here at least one hour prior to sunset. The setting sun casts warm golden hues on the ancient city’s ruins, which will look stunning in your photographs.


Merzouga is another site where you may see the most romantic sunset of your life. It is the only city in northern Morocco that is next to the Sahara, the world’s tallest desert. Numerous hotels are located on the outskirts of the city. The pale orange sand dunes are visible from your accommodation at daybreak and dusk. However, avoid venturing too far on your own. Ultimately, it’s easy to get carried away with one another and lose your bearings.

The desert provides several activities, such as ATV racing, buggies, and sandboarding. The most romantic option is a camel ride in the desert while alone and in quiet. In addition, almost every hotel owner has his own camel caravan, and we will gladly accompany you on this journey.


Ouarzazate is renowned for its Atlas Studios, which have produced several successful films and television episodes, including Gladiator and Game of Thrones. This is essential viewing for anybody interested in cinematography. You will be given a guided tour of the pavilions, where the original filming sets remain intact, and you will also learn the secrets of Hollywood superstars. Nearly half of Ouarzazate’s approximately 70,000 residents were involved in the production of various historical films.

The film studio is around 30 kilometers away from the ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou. Ksar is a fortified town that resembles a castle. Its place is renowned for hosting the Game of Thrones wedding between Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo, and this ksar formed the inspiration for Khalasar’s capital in the popular novel. The site is incredibly attractive; thus, you should prepare ahead to record any humorous sequences involving yourself.


Marrakech is the Las Vegas of Morocco. The city seems to have been designed with amusement in mind. There are several clubs and pubs for nightlife enthusiasts. Keep in mind, though, that because this is a Muslim nation, pub prices for alcohol will be high.

Marrakech is famous for much more than its nightlife. Prioritize a trip to the Majorelle Garden. This is possibly the greenest neighborhood in the city. French designer Jacques Majorelle was responsible for its creation. The designer Yves Saint Laurent once frequented this area. The garden inspired his decision to live and work here. There is a little area here where the designer exhibits the original flyers he hand-draws each year to greet his customers and friends into the New Year.

In his salon, he also offers luxury items and fragrances. The Yves Saint Laurent Museum, which would appeal to fashionistas, is just a few meters from the lawn. It is a vast exhibition space where the designer’s most notable garments, jewels, accessories, and headwear are shown. Only the exhibits are illuminated in the black hall. It looks to be rather fashionable, but photographing is prohibited.

This is a brief journey through Morocco. To mention a few, there are seaside towns with picturesque promenades, ski resorts, and enormous urban districts. However, we recommend that you visit the districts where Aladdin and “One Thousand and One Nights” come to life, where the alleyways are reminiscent of the sultans and the ancient medinas are constantly teeming with sellers and filled with the aroma of oriental delicacies.

The natural beauty of Morocco:

Romantic locales such as the Cascades d’Ouzoud will serve as the backdrop for a sincere confession of love, where the cascading water, tepid breeze, and rainbow in the sky will suggest heartfelt words that will transform your Moroccan honeymoon into a fairy tale.

If you want excitement, we recommend that you visit the Djemaa el-Fna Square in Marrakech, which is famous for its snake charmers.

It is important to spend at least four days in this regal city to absorb oneself in its history, allowing oneself to be drawn into the streets where Roman culture is evident in both little residences and imposing buildings.

If you’re planning a romantic honeymoon in Morocco, don’t forget to visit Casablanca, where the film Casablanca was shot. This city will captivate you and leave you with wonderful recollections of warm seaside nights. The inhabitants are kind and friendly, and you may be surprised by their familiarity with your culture. The French charm of an African port city, the allure of an unforgettable honeymoon, and the recollections of days spent in Casablanca will keep you warm on cold days.

Honeymoon in Morocco: go scuba diving:

A honeymoon in Morocco enables you to completely immerse yourself in scuba diving. This attractive locale encourages couples to explore its seabeds. In this regard, Morocco also provides a variety of sites for scuba diving. One of them is near the fishing town of Belyounech, 16 kilometers from Findeq. The beauty of its modest beach, which is flanked by the Mediterranean Sea, is well-known. The bride and groom would have little trouble swimming in its pristine waters and slowly exploring its seafloor.

During this romantic excursion, you may also visit Jebha Beach. This tourist destination is a little difficult to reach, but its magnificence is worth the effort. The natural surroundings are composed of rocks and green trees. This beach is excellent for both swimming and windsurfing. This area would allow the couple to begin on a fantastic adventure together if they were to remain here.

A camel ride in the desert is a necessity on a honeymoon in Morocco:

To enhance a romantic vacation to Morocco, it is essential to explore the country’s extensive deserts. The couple will be able to traverse the Sahara on the backs of their camels. This desert close to Marrakech is a major tourist destination in the country. It receives millions of tourists annually. Please note that Marrakech is the primary departure point for this desert. After seeing this location, the couple would undoubtedly be awestruck by both its vastness and its scenery.

Merzouga’s desert will also be inspected as a beautiful conclusion to the excursion in the heart of Morocco. Without a doubt, this is the most stunning portion of the Moroccan desert. One might adore the vision of the desert that one has in his or her mind.

The Zagora desert must also be traversed in Morocco. This attraction is especially suitable for a two-day, one-night romance trip.

Morocco for energetic people:

If you desire a more adventurous trip, you may learn to surf or windsurf on Morocco’s Atlantic beaches. This will make you fall in love with Essaouira’s three-kilometer beach. The gems of this region, however, are not only the recreational facilities, but also the exotic buildings among the ubiquitous European architecture; here you will see how these two diverse cultures have come together in a harmony that will enchant you, and you can enjoy a few days of peace, tranquility, and serenity.

Moroccan cuisine:

As diverse and varied as the nation itself, Moroccan food is rich in scents and tastes. Moroccan cuisine is an experience that should not be missed. Moreover, when you mix the friendliness of the locals with the aromas of saffron, coriander, and cumin, you create an unforgettable symphony. You must sample the famous and traditional couscous, which is served with meat and veggies.

The pastilla is the crown gem of Moroccan cuisine; it is a cake composed of finely chopped meat, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, almonds, and honey.

Almost every Moroccan cuisine is an aromatic and flavorful symphony. When you relax in a café, sip mint tea, eat a pastilla, and listen to the sounds of the city and the sea, it will be the ideal finale to your honeymoon in tranquil Morocco, where we recommend spending at least two weeks on an unforgettable vacation you will never forget.

You should try argan oil, a frequent ingredient in Moroccan cuisine. It is also one of the most expensive oils in the cosmetics sector.

Morocco offers romantic honeymoon resorts:

The Beldi Country Club in Marrakech is:

The Beldi Country Club is within a short distance from the Marrakech city center. The hotel’s architecture is evocative of a traditional Moroccan hamlet, replete with lovely alleys, tiny streets, and courtyards, as it mixes unique Moroccan design with French elegance. Enjoy a view of the Atlas Mountains while wandering through fragrant rose gardens and olive trees, soaking in the clearest tub, watching a movie in the hotel’s modest theater, eating at the luxury hotel, and being pampered at the spa. There are tennis courts, a market where you can purchase high-quality items, restaurants, culinary classes, petanque, golf, horseback riding, ceramics, and ATV riding.

The Royal Mansour Hotel:

The Royal Mansour Hotel, situated in the breathtaking Red City of Marrakech, combines excellent history, richness, and contemporary amenities to provide an outstanding experience. The five-star luxury hotel has a selection of well-appointed and opulent rooms decorated in exquisite Moroccan style. There is a large swimming pool, gorgeous gardens, and several restaurants providing delectable food. Dine on traditional Moroccan cuisine, scrumptious French cuisine, and other international dishes. Relax with a drink in one of the bars, luxuriate in the magnificent pool, unwind in the calming hammam, and create many unforgettable memories.

La Mamounia:

The five-star La Mamounia Hotel, located next to the renowned Koutoubia Mosque, will provide as a great base for touring the picturesque medina of Marrakech. This is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. This five-star hotel is built in a historic palace and decorated with Moroccan-style tiles, stucco, and other architectural elements.

The resort is one of the most renowned spas in the nation. The hotel’s facilities include restaurants and cafés, a fitness center, a beauty salon, shops, and a swimming pool. Winston Churchill, Yves Saint Laurent, Edith Piaf, and Paul McCartney have all stayed at the hotel since its establishment in 1923.

Mazagan Beach Resort, El Jadida:

The Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort has all the first-rate amenities required for a memorable honeymoon in Morocco. This five-star resort is generally recognized as one of the world’s finest. The luxurious rooms and suites have traditional Moroccan décor, high levels of comfort, and breathtaking views. Unwind by the pools or on the gorgeous beach, play a game of golf, eat at one of the on-site restaurants, bet in the casino, or let loose in the nightlife. The spa offers a variety of treatments, including special couple’s packages. Yoga, horseback riding, ATV excursions, go-karting, and excursions are some other entertaining activities. Due to the hotel’s proximity to the beach community of El Jadida, guests may stroll there.

Fes: Riad Maison Bleue and Spa

The spa hotel Riad Maison Bleue is situated near Fes’s bustling downtown. In this luxurious hotel, newlyweds may experience the vitality and famous vistas of the city, explore many historical and cultural places, and return to their classic and traditional residence each evening. The rooms and suites have vintage furnishings, soft textiles, polished cedarwood furniture, and other opulent touches. The hotel has a spa with a hammam and massage rooms, an indoor pool, a fitness center, a patio, a bar, and two restaurants. Each morning, breakfast is offered. This beautiful riad was formerly the residence of a renowned local judge and professor of religion.

Kasbah Tamadot, Asni:

The Kasbah Tamadot Hotel is a peaceful retreat in the foothills of Morocco’s beautiful High Atlas Mountains. Honeymooners may anticipate lovely walks, superior service, and exceptional amenities at this hotel. The award-winning resort has thirty enchanting rooms designed for individual stays. In Morocco, there are also various enchanting Berber tents for a one-of-a-kind honeymoon.

Hotel Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa, Agadir:

The beachfront Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa is a member of the international Accor hotel network. The five-star resort offers the finest of what the hotel has to offer, from spacious rooms with contemporary amenities and great on-site restaurants providing a wide variety of cuisine to a gorgeous spa with a hammam, sauna, and massage area, as well as a vast outdoor pool. The rooftop patio is great for watching the sunset, and the art gallery will appeal to creative types. The nearby region offers camel and horseback riding, golf, fishing, boating, swimming, and tennis.

This is the Paradis Plage Surf, Yoga, and Spa Resort.

The eco-resort of Paradis Plage is situated between the well-known beach town of Agadir and the surfing hotspot of Taghazout. It is ideal for surf-obsessed individuals who like to combine beach time with exciting water activities. From the resort, it is very easy to access natural beauties and historic Berber communities.

This quiet resort also provides yoga classes for those who seek to unwind and experience true harmony, while the spa offers a variety of pleasant treatments. The resort has several restaurants and bars. Consume nutrient-dense, organic foods that are not only tasty but also good to the body. Choose between a suite, villa, cottage, or opulent apartment.

Dar Ahlam, Kusheit:

The Hotel Dar Ahlam is situated near the Moroccan city of Skoura on the border of the Sahara Desert. It has a history dating back 200 years. The hotel, which overlooks the magnificent Atlas Mountains, is flanked by wide palm trees and verdant gardens. In addition to local hikes and tours to Berber communities, visitors will have access to a salon, massage center, hammam, and scrumptious food. The proprietors of the hotel also operate a luxury camp in the Erg Chebbi Desert, where you can spend an unforgettable vacation exploring the towering dunes, sleeping under the stars, and mingling with camels.

Dar Nour, Tangier:

In the center of Tangier’s medieval medina sits the beautiful Dar Nour hotel. It is ideal for honeymooning couples who like to mix local culture with luxury. The hotel’s rooms are large and offer a unique atmosphere. Matt Damon, Rashid Taha, and Yasmina Reza stayed at this comfortable hotel.

The oldest resort in Tangier, Dar Nour has classic Moroccan architecture. The Moroccan lounges invite you to relax, and the rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views of the old city and harbor. The restaurant of the hotel delivers wonderful cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients. Every day, a standard breakfast is offered. You will enjoy the spa as an extra amenity.

What to do on a romantic honeymoon in Morocco?

  • Live in a riad, a mansion with a garden and a courtyard fountain, and see sunrises and sunsets with storks from the roof.
  • See the work of the tanners, visit the hammam, and wander through the artisanal lanes of the medina, where you will witness the creation of works of art.
  • Taste salty camel flesh in Fez.
  • Taste seafood in Essaouira’s harbour and ride horses beyond the city to see goats on the limbs of the argania tree.
  • Walk under the ginger arches of Legzira’s “Martian” seashore.
  • Feed the monkeys beside the “lovers’ veil” waterfall of Uzud, also known as the “olive” waterfall.
  • Spend the night in a desert setting. In Erg Shebbi and Merzouga, camels, buggies, jeeps, and ATVs are available.
  • Take photographs of the Blue Stones at Tafraut or travel through the famed Dades and Todra Gorges.
  • Conquer the summit of Jebel Toubkal in North Africa (4167m). Alternatively, go hiking in Paradise Valley. The colorful Atlas Mountains and the oddly curved rocks are transformed into a ski resort during the winter.
  • Catch a wave at one of the nearby surfing schools.

Souvenirs from your honeymoon in Morocco:


These are the traditional footwear of Morocco. They may act as pleasant slippers at home. It is also an excellent present option for loved ones.


Arab nations are well-known for their water pipelines. They are available in all markets. When purchasing them, consider where they were manufactured. The Moroccan ones are superior in quality, but also more costly. If the shisha is for decorative purposes alone, you may get a modest one for as low as 5 euros.


Morocco is renowned for its vibrant and fragrant spices. They are offered by weight or in aesthetically pleasing packaging (ideal for a gift). In addition to supermarkets, they are available to us.


Moroccan pottery are distinctive and of high quality. It has luxurious oriental ornamentation. At the fair, we may get plates, jugs, and, of course, tajine — a dish used to prepare and serve the same-named cuisine.


Morocco is also renowned for its delectable culinary items, which may be used in Polish cuisine. In addition to spices, you should also try argan oil, mint tea, harissa paste, candies, and couscous.


Moroccans like mint tea immensely. Typically, they do it using traditional, ornately designed glasses. They are available in both bazaars and marketplaces.


Argan oil is a required purchase in Morocco. Other cosmetics worth noting include soaps, hair shampoos, and conditioners.

Clothing and accessories:

The clothing racks are overflowing. Most, however, are counterfeits of well-known brands. However, it is worthwhile to search for traditional Moroccan clothing, such as elaborately embroidered headscarves (hijab), jellaba (outer robe), and Berber women’s takhlila. Berber jewelry should also be included.

Fridge magnets:

Magnets are the most often bought souvenir wherever in the globe. They may have varied forms and inscriptions (such as eye of the prophet or babushka). They will make an excellent refrigerator decoration.