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Excursions leaving from Agadir:

We have catered several of the excursions that leave from Agadir in response to the needs expressed by former customers. And therefore, a trip to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without a stop in the Sahara Desert at some point. As a direct consequence of this, we intended for each of the itineraries to include Merzouga, and some of them even included the Zagora desert. Tours of Agadir may also be customized to include stops at other cultural, economic, and touristic attractions.

Tours of the Sahara Desert in Morocco destinations from Agadir


To get to Rabat, Morocco’s capital, you’ll need to join one of our excursions from Agadir. There are a slew of sights to visit in this area. In the first place, the incomplete mosque’s unfinished minaret is known as the Hassan tower, also known as the Tour. A height of 86 meters was the goal, but since the project is still in the works, the final height is only 44 meters. After that, we’ll go to Les Oudayas, a Kasbah located close to the ancient Medina. We’ll also explore the medieval Muslim necropolis of Chellah or Shalla.


Tours leaving from Agadir often include stops in Tangier. That means there will be a slew of sights to see. A stop to the Hercules resting cave on Cape Spartel will be our first order of business. An additional attraction in Tangier is the American Legation Museum, a tribute to the country’s longstanding ties with the United States of America. It is also the first property owned by the United States outside of the United States. On the way to Cape Spartel, a rocky outcrop approximately 12 kilometers from Tangier, we’ll stop to view the mosque. We’ll end our tour with a walk around the souq of the historic Medina.


Chefchaouen, Morocco’s blue jewel, is the destination of our tailor-made trips from Agadir. As a consequence, there is a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami built his first construction, the Kasbah at Wetat El Hmam, at the beginning of his reign. Second finest item to view in Chaouen is Rass El Ma, which means “head of the water.” From the Rif Mountains, little waterfalls flow down to the Rif Valley below. We’ll also climb to the top of Jebel El Kalaa, which offers a stunning view of Cairo from above. The Akchour waterfalls, the most beautiful in the Rif Mountains, are 14 kilometers from Chaouen. They are the greatest. Our two-week trip to Morocco does not include a stop to this site.


Our trip itineraries from Agadir will allow you to see the beautiful city of Meknes. To begin, we’ll stop off at Volubilis on our way from Chaouen to Meknes. Here, you must have a ticket in order to enter. Unesco has declared these Berber-built Roman ruins a world heritage site. The city of Meknes is located around 20 miles distant. There are a lot of sites to visit. Visitors may sometimes see exhibits held at the Bab El Mansour entrance. Shrij Swani, the Norias’ Basin, a tiny lake, is also nearby. Several spouses are believed to have demanded that Moulay Ismail and his family move to a coastal city. Consequently, he attracted the ocean to her.

In addition, the most enigmatic jail, known only as Qara, is located not far from Bab El Mansour’s entrance. Founded in the 18th century by Moulay Ismail, the jail is the only one in the world without any doors. It’s tough to get out of the maze of corridors since they all lead to other mazes. According to some, it extends for 10 kilometers under the city of Meknes, while others claim it extends throughout the full length of the city.

It’s also worth noting that there are many holes in the ceiling where the inmates were dumped and fed. According to reports, Moulay Ismail has made a director, and if the convicts locate it, they would be freed. Not to mention a party of French explorers that tried and failed to enter the prisoner and solve its riddle. No one knows for sure whether the jail is hunted by sparrows or genies; there are many beliefs about it.


We’ll transport you from Agadir to Fes, Morocco’s cultural and imperial capital, on our Sahara desert trips. This city has a plethora of things to do and see and visit.

To begin, the medina’s most popular entry, the blue gates, is located in a section of the city with several gates. As you approach the gate, there are two major thoroughfares where people go to buy goods. It’s also where the city’s most popular attractions may be found.

The oldest operating institution in the world, the University of Al Qarawiyyin, must be the first port of call. It was built by Fatima Al Fihri in 859. A major draw for visitors to Chaouara are the city’s famed leather tanneries. People come to watch the process of making leather and to have a taste of Fes. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the monarch possesses 12 residences, including one in Fes. Hikers may enjoy a stunning view of Fes and the sunset from the Bor Nord, the fourth highest point in the city.

On one of our Agadir trips, you’ll get to see Al Qarawiyyin University for yourself. It is the world’s oldest Madrassa, and it is still in use today. [*] Fatima Al Fihri also constructed a Madrassa “school” in 859 to teach the Quran.
It is possible to see other sights in Fes such as Fes Mellah, Attarine and the Jnan Sbil Garden.


Ifrane is Morocco’s version of Switzerland. On the weekends, many people come to the area to snowboard and have fun. Since the 16th century, the city has been a French colony, and its heart is marked by a monument of the Atlas Lion. This lion was sculpted by a German prisoner in try to secure his release. It is the cleanest city in Morocco and the seventh-cleanest city in the world, according to the World Clean Cities Index.

a woodland of cedars

As well as a site to learn about Moroccan wildlife, the Azrou cedar forest will act as a camping spot. Barbary Macaque monkeys, who love to be fed and played with, may be found here. To go any closer, we’d have to cross a fence, which makes it impossible for us to view the deer in the forest.


The Merzouga region must be included in all of our journeys to Agadir, Fes, Marrakech, and Tangier in order for them to be complete. Camels may be ridden and Berber tents can be rented for overnight camping in the park. Gnawa people and Erg Chebbi sand dunes make Merzouga a popular destination in southern Morocco. Anyone visiting Morocco should not miss this sight. If you’re on one of our Morocco two-week trips, or another one, you’ll get to spend a day here. This means you’ll get a whole experience in which you’ll encounter nomadic families that live in tents. In addition, we’ll transport you to Srij Lake to watch the flamingos. A salt mine and a Mascara plant are both nearby and well worth a visit.


Rissani is Tafilalet’s capital city. It used to take the Touaregs 52 days to go from Tombouctou to trade items like salt and mascara. Merzouga and other adjacent communities now have their own souq (market) at this location. The Alaouiet dynasty was once based here before relocating to the major cities. Furthermore, donkeys may only be kept in Rissani. Pita bread, referred to as Madfouna in Rissani, is another local specialty.
Its blue gate resembles Fes’, although it’s built in a distinct architectural style.

The gorges of Todgha and Dades

This photograph captures the sweeping arcs of Tissedrine in the Dades gorges. The Cadillac automobile from the United States achieved a record here by completing three ascents and descents in under 03:19 seconds. Most visitors stop here on their route from or to Merzouga or Marrakech. The Todgha Gorges gorges, around 300 meters high and only accessible by natural means, are also nearby Dades.

The Rose Flower Valley

The rose valley and its annual festival in Kalaat Mgouna are well-known worldwide. Magouna’s queen is chosen during an international festival of rose blossoms held each May to honor the queen’s wisdom and beauty. In addition, a wide range of cosmetics are available here.


Ouarzazate is the Hollywood of Africa. It’s known as Ouallywood because of the number of Atlas studios nearby. Due to the fact that actors cannot drive through the High Atlas Mountains to Marrakech, they arrive at this airport. In addition, the name Ouarzazate is derived from the Arabic meanings for “without” and “noise,” respectively. The Kasbah of Taourirt, a name derived from the Arabic term Ksab, is another popular attraction in this sprawling city. Kasbah roofs are built from bamboo. Out of four studios located in the Ait Benhaddou Kasbah, Ouarzazate creates movies and rents out equipment for others to do the same. Lawrence of Arabia and The Living Daylights both used this location for filming. Also included are Asterix and Mission Cleopatra movies.

Ait Benhaddou is a well-known tourist destination.

Ait Benhaddou’s Kasbah is Morocco’s biggest and most spectacular. There are a lot of tourists that come here to climb the Castle’s tower for a stunning view. As a result, they’re interested in learning more about it and how it’s made.

When Berber Touaregs from Tombouctou came here to sell salt, this beautiful edifice was their rest stop. As a bonus, the Ouad El Maleh river or valley may be found there, as well. A salt river, on the other hand. Exchanges of salt and other things, such as mascara, take place here. As a bonus, the Kasbah has around seven storeys, with a chamber at the top where the treasures are kept for future visitors. The actors also use equipment rented from Ouarzazate studios to shoot in this location. Well-known films such as Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia were filmed here. Some of the structure was also built by them.

  1. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were demolished in 1963.
  2. Oedipus Rex premiered in 1967.
  3. The Man Who Would Be King premiered in 1975.
  4. The Message was first delivered in 1976.
  5. Born in the year 1977, Jesus of Nazareth is the son of Joseph and Mary of Nazareth.
  6. Marco Polo was born in 1982.

They shot a slew of other movies here as well. Visitors to the Kasbah should not miss this sight.
We may arrange for a local guide to accompany you on a trek of around an hour’s duration on one of our tailored trips from Agadir.

The mountains of the Atlas

The Atlas Mountains may be divided into three categories. The old, the high, and the medium. The high ones are situated between Marrakech and Ouarzazate, as well as Fes and Merzouga, while the medium ones are situated between Fes and the Merzouga desert. Afterwards, it continues south to Ouarzazate, passing via Agadir along the way. The highest peak in the High Atlas Mountains, Toubkal is situated in the area.

It is because of this mountain range that the Sahara is arid while the west is lush and beautiful. Because of this, the clouds are unable to move to the eastward. As a consequence, the Sahara Desert experiences late-season rains. Not to add that the fastest route to traverse the mountains is by Tizi n Tichka on your trip from Marrakech to the desert. Our trips from Marrakech include a stop to an argan oil cooperative, which is roughly a 30-minute drive through the Atlas Mountains.


When it comes to imperial cities in Morocco, Marrakech ranks high. That is, it was formerly the capital city. Fes, Meknes, and Rabat are all included in our Casablanca excursions as well as a stop in Morocco’s capital city. Amur and Kush, the two syllables that make up the name Marrakech, signify “God’s Berber Land.” Also, it’s the country’s third-largest city, behind Casablanca and Fes, which are both economically and culturally significant.

You may see and do a lot here. Jacques Majorelle, a French artist, designed Majorelle’s renowned garden, which took him 40 years to complete and is named after him. It was then made public and visitors were charged a price to get in. There is also a nice pool in the Menara garden. Another way of saying this is that it’s a beacon or lighthouse. As it is, there is no lighthouse at this location. Not to mention that this garden in the southern part of Marrakech dates all the way back to the 1200s.

A palace in Marrakech is one of the king’s 12 residences spread around Morocco. Rabat is where he spends most of his time, though. Although it’s not essential, it’s also worth a visit.

The Koutoubia mosque, which can be seen in the shot, is the mosque’s fourth feature. In addition to Jami ‘al-Kutubiyah, it is known by numerous other names. In the 12th century, the Almohad dynasty also constructed it. It is also the tallest mosque in Marrakech, and it is against the law to build one that is any higher. Marrakech’s nicest plaza for walking about is, hands down, the Jamae El Fna. Shopping, concerts, and seeing people play with snakes and monkeys are among the popular attractions.


During our Agadir desert trips, we may also visit the city of Essaouira. Summer visitors go to the beach, which reaches a temperature of roughly 24°C=75°F. In the winter, Essaouira is a popular destination for seafood lovers, who go to the city in droves. Essaouira, the Moroccan Wind City, is another nickname for the city. A wide range of activities are also on offer. Consider a trip to the Citadel and the Sqala ports, for instance. The historic Medina, which is protected by Unesco, is also a draw for tourists.

Essaouira is also referred to as Mogador, which means “Magdol” in Arabic. In Hebrew, “little stronghold” is translated as “little fort.”


The Merzouga and Zagora deserts of the Sahara are highlights of our Morocco itineraries. The latter is a desert that lacks sand dunes. However, a large number of people who have limited time to go to Merzouga visit this location. Camel trekking and Berber tent camping are among popular activities in Zagora. Only the Ergs of the sand dunes separate the two settlements. Casablanca to Zagora trips aren’t normally customized by us; instead, we do so with our Marrakech tours. Contact us to customize a Casablanca desert trip that includes a stop at Zagora.

On the journey from Marrakech to Zagora, you’ll pass by Ait Saouen and observe Morocco’s greatest river of dates. These places are also worthwhile to visit because of this.

The valleys of Morocco are very well-known.

Marrakech is around 40 kilometers away from the Ourika Valley. A day excursion from Marrakech is a popular option to get some fresh air and a break from the commotion of the city.
Ziz Valley is one of the biggest dates palm tree valleys in Morocco. The deserts of Erfoud and Merzouga are a two-hour drive away. A national airport is also located in Errachidia, which is just a few miles away from the valley.
Morocco’s biggest date valley, the Daraa Valley, is located in the south of the country. On our trip from Merzouga to Marrakech, we often pass by Ait Saouen. During the journey from Marrakech to the desert of Zagora.