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Bird watching Tours in Morocco packages (Birding Tours in Morocco)

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2-Day Merzouga Birding Tour in Morocco

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3-Day Birding Tour from Merzouga

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3 days Atlantic coast tour from Agadir

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4 Days Marrakech to Atlas Mountains Birding Tour

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5 days Agadir Birding tour to Atlantic & Guelmim desert


7 Days North Morocco Birding Tour

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7 Days Atlas and Atlantic coast Birding Tour

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7 Days Morocco Atlas and desert Birding Tour

Greater Hoope Lark in Morocco

15 Days Birding Tour in Morocco


We provide adventure birding tours around Morocco

We specialize in providing bird viewing tours to Moroccan guests, their families, and friends. Tell us where you want to go birding, and we’ll create a personalized experience. We can organize destination airport pick-up/drop-off upon request, and we provide the complete services of a local, friendly, and competent guide.

After receiving your Enquiry Form, we will contact you to confirm availability and provide a tour fee for the specified day and number of participants.

Our birding excursions are scheduled to coincide with the spring and fall migrations, resulting in a diverse bird list as we travel across Morocco, a nation of stunning beauty and intriguing culture.

Our bird watching excursions are private, thrilling, and pleasant, with small-group birding expeditions organized and directed by a team of native Moroccan experts whose skill and knowledge are unparalleled.

Birding Tours in Morocco: Discovering Merzouga’s Avian Treasures

Discover the wonderful world of birds with Birding Tours in Morocco, your go-to source for unique birding excursions in Merzouga’s breathtaking settings. With our dedication to providing great service, we provide painstakingly planned excursions that include private transportation, skilled local guides, carefully chosen lodgings, and unique encounters with Morocco’s numerous bird species.

Private Transfers:

Birding Tours in Morocco prioritizes your comfort and convenience. Our private shuttles provide a smooth trip from the minute you arrive in Morocco. Sit back and relax as our skilled drivers bring you to Merzouga’s world-class birding spots, enabling you to completely immerse yourself in the natural beauty around you.

Experienced Local Guides:

Our professional local guides are enthusiastic about bird watching and have a thorough awareness of the avian life in Morocco. They will join you on your excursion, sharing their knowledge, pointing out elusive species, and offering intriguing insights into the behavior and habitats of the birds you see. With their direction, you’ll get a deep appreciation for Merzouga’s avian treasures.


We feel that the ideal birding excursion necessitates the appropriate place to relax and recharge. That’s why we handpick our lodging options, which include hotels, riads, and campers, to assure your comfort and improve your entire experience. From magnificent hotels with stunning views to classic riads situated in quaint Moroccan villages, every accommodation choice has been carefully chosen to provide a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Immerse yourself in nature:

Merzouga’s magnificent scenery make it a refuge for bird aficionados. This area has a great diversity of habitats, from huge desert stretches and lush oasis to rocky terrains and tranquil lakes, which attract a broad range of bird species. Birding Tours in Morocco allow you to explore these natural treasures, view elusive species, and record wonderful moments in your birding diary or with your camera.

A Commitment to Sustainability:

Birding Tours in Morocco is committed to the conservation and preservation of birds and their habitats. Our trips are intended to reduce our ecological footprint, ensuring that we have no detrimental influence on the fragile environments we visit. We encourage ethical birding habits and environmental stewardship, so that future generations may enjoy the beauty of Moroccan avian life.

Book Your Birding Adventure:

Join Birding Tours in Morocco for an unforgettable birding adventure. Experience the delight of birding, immerse yourself in Morocco’s diverse avian population, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re an experienced birder or a beginner, our personalized trips will adapt to your interests and deliver an amazing exploration of Merzouga’s avian riches. Join us and let the sounds of Morocco’s birds captivate your spirit.