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To say that I am Moroccan is an honor and a privilege; I was born and raised in Morocco. My family and I have called the Merzouga home for almost 50 years, and we have visited every continent except Antarctica. When we learned that travel to Morocco had been included to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we immediately made plans to go there.

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Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier are just a few of the vacation destinations that may be arranged for by travel to morocco, a local travel firm. This is the way to go if you're interested in visiting Morocco shortly. Come on one of our excursions in Morocco and see the sights for yourself.Our family is Berber and we traditionally lived as nomads. To put it another way, we moved our tent and herd from one location to another in search of a better life. As a result, we've developed a taste for adventure and a genuine appreciation for the value of exploration.

Some of the cattle escaped to Algeria before the borders were closed, and we were unable to retrieve them. The rest of them were sold after that. So, our parents, who are getting on in years, have uprooted to Merzouga in the Sahara. But we have never stopped wanting to see the world.

Being unable to travel made it difficult for us to keep up with modern life. Fortunately, Merzouga is the most popular tourist destination in all of Morocco, drawing in throngs of visitors throughout the year.We got the great fortune to go to school and acquire fluency in English. We used to guide tourists across the dunes of Erg Chebbi on camelback during our vacations. After learning about the tourism industry, we decided to open morocco expedition.

Fortunately, our nation Morocco is rich in scenery and sites to explore. For that reason, We invite you to join the best customized Morocco tours by real Berber locals.


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We make you feel just at home here in the neighborhood.

Join our Morocco vacation trips and see the country like a native. The goal of our excursions is to make you feel like a local while you explore Morocco. In other words, you won’t be joining any tour groups but instead will be traveling with genuine locals who will let you experience life as a Moroccan. The diversity of our nation’s cultures is one of its defining characteristics. But with our excursions, not only will you be able to learn about them, but you will also learn about their culture and beliefs.

You are in the company of professionals.

Our tour guides and drivers are genuine travel pros. They come from a long line of successful entrepreneurs in Morocco. They want your travel to morocco to be special and memorable, so they’ll do all they can to make it so. The spread of Moroccan customs is our primary mission.

Exceptional travel and lodgings, guaranteed!

You may be certain that the trips and lodgings provided by  Morocco expedition will be of the highest standard. Our crew has extensive knowledge and can recommend many excellent destinations for leisure in Morocco. Individuals, groups, and families are all welcome on our trips. Additionally, we provide the opportunity to tailor your trip schedule to your specific interests and requirements.

All the time, every day, we’ve got your back as a team.

The reason we built this site was to facilitate your having a fantastic vacation in Morocco. This is why we provide round-the-clock availability of our support staff. We are here to answer your questions and show you a good time in Morocco. Your satisfaction and enjoyment is one of our highest concerns.

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If you're taking the kids to Morocco, read this beforehand. Morocco expedition is a travel business dedicated to providing its clients with an unforgettable experience in Morocco.

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When you book with our travel agency for Morocco holidays, you may confidently explore the country on your own, regardless of your gender.

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Tours of Morocco with us are perfect for honeymooners or other romantic getaways. In addition to our collegiate services, we also provide honeymoon options.

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finest conditions to travel in Morocco tours while ensuring your safety, Morocco Expedition is dedicated to ensuring that each and every customer has a positive experience during their whole trip.

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Traveling Around Morocco:

You may begin your desert adventure in any one of Morocco’s numerous towns. As an example, Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier all have international airports. As a result, some of the itineraries shown below have been modified to better suit your needs. However, you may make your own itinerary using Travel In Morocco. ​

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People are always speaking so positively about our travel agency.

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Katie C


We took a 10-day journey from Casablanca to Chefchouen, Fes, Marrakech, Merzouga, Ifrane, and Ouarzazate. Mustapha Ali was our driver and guide and made sure we were comfortable.

Mustapha made our vacation comfortable and worry-free. Mustapha was helpful and accommodating when I needed a last-minute travel and hotel arrangement. I’d certainly book again. We’ll visit Morocco again.

client from our agency
Tasha T


Camel riding, stargazing, Sahara desert sunrises, ATVing in the enormous red dunes, sand surfing, strolling Fez’s artisan marketplaces, and wonderful Berber mint tea… what more could you want? I suggest this firm for Morocco trips.

Every email I sent to plan our vacation to Fez was replied immediately and clearly. Hamid and his colleagues were really accommodating. Eight college students wanted a cheap vacation to Morocco, and they delivered. The hotel, transportation, and luxury desert camp surpassed my expectations. Thanks for an unforgettable vacation!

client from our agency


16 glorious days in the Moroccan desert. We are really thankful for the generosity and assistance that Mustapha and Ali have provided. There were occasions when further information regarding the location or city was required, but we did not have any difficulties when touring any of the locations that we have visited.

client from our agency


BEST tour business with AMAZING people!!! With pals, I recently returned from Fez and the Merzouga desert. It was amazing. We saw beautiful scenery, learned about the culture, and enjoyed sandboarding, camel rides, and ATVs. Every guide was really helpful, kind, and welcoming. We were sorry to leave our new friends after the vacation. Without this firm, our vacation to Morocco would not have been the same. I’ll never forget this weekend!

client from our agency


Unquestionably the best tour ever! The staff, namely Hamid, was really nice, helpful, and patient. Hamid has a great deal of expertise and was an all-around delightful guy to be around. 

There was never a moment of boredom. I spent one of the finest weekends of my life with them, and I would suggest this trip to everyone who wants to experience it! Many thanks to my recent acquaintances for making it possible for me to have such an amazing experience.

Morocco Expedition is the best way to see the deserts.


Most tourists flock to Merzouga since it is the greatest and most popular destination in the region. The Merzouga region of the Sahara desert is located in the Moroccan country of Morocco. Stunning Erg Chebbi Sand dunes may be seen not far from this southeasterly town. About 500 feet in height, they shift from yellow to crimson as the seasons pass. Every year, the form of the Ergs is different because the wind blows in the summer.

The Merzouga sand dunes are a major tourist draw. So they’ve come to try out the camel-riding hypothesis. Some people do it only to watch the sun go down or come up, while others like the experience as a means to camp out in Berber tents. In other words, I want to live like the nomadic Berber people who herd camels and pitch tents in the Sahara. On the sand dunes, visitors may also enjoy quad biking and safari-style excursions. In addition, tourists with more time in their schedules often seek out the nomads. Also, the lake of Srij is worth seeing since it is home to a population of flamingos that had been brought in from elsewhere.

A camel trek lasting many days is the finest kind of experience. That is to say, you spend a week or two camping out in the Sahara with your camels and tents. This would give you a real taste of what it’s like to be a member of Morocco’s indigenous nomadic population.

Merzouga is the hometown of the Touring In Morocco crew, therefore not only do we want to help you plan a fun vacation here, but we also provide a wide variety of different desert excursions in the Merzouga region.

You’ll be able to see this stunning site in Morocco thanks to the tours offered by our travel service, Touring in Morocco.

Dessert of Zagora:

Camel riding and spending the night at a desert camp in Zagora are highlights of the vacation packages we offer at our Touring In Morocco travel agency. Additionally, Zagora’s palm palms are among the country’s tallest, earning the town international renown. Common knowledge holds that a warm temperature is necessary for excellent quality dates to grow. Zagora, in the Moroccan province of Draa Tafilalet, is well recognized as a prime location for sourcing high-quality dates.

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Zagora Desert:

Many rivers flow through Zagora, providing scenic river and valley vistas. Take the Draa River as an example. As for the second, it’s the longest in all of Morocco. It goes via Zagora, where camel rides are prevalent among sightseers. Zagora children may be seen swimming and playing in the water during the summer months.

The large marketplaces, known as “Souks,” in the southern region of Morocco are known as Zagora Souk. One may be found at Zagora, where camels, lard, and other goods are traded between locals and visitors alike.

Even though Zagora is geographically located in a desert, it is home to extensive green agricultural regions. Camp owners may find a variety of oasis settings there as well.

The city’s many parks are a major draw for visitors. You may visit a park housing dinosaurs or camels, respectively.

Plan a two-day vacation from Marrakech to Zagora if it is on your travel wish list.

Morocco’s royal towns are waiting to be explored, and the tour operator Touring In Morocco can help.


Our Morocco excursions include visits to cultural centers like Marrakech. There are several scenic locations to see in Morocco’s second-largest city. To begin, the most well-known of Fes’ roughly three tanneries is the Chaoura Tannery. It was constructed in the 11th century as a center for both the production of leather goods and the application of spice-based paints.

Many Madrassas, schools, and colleges were founded in and around Fes because of its reputation as a center for Islamic religious education. Al-Qarawiyyin Institution, for example, is often regarded as the world’s oldest continuously operating university. Most notably, this later was constructed by a woman, Fatima al-Fihri. However, our Moroccan tour company will take you to visit many others, from little Madrassas to massive monuments.


The Red City is, without a doubt, the most well-known destination in all of Morocco. Even so, it has been dubbed by some as Morocco’s tourist epicenter. What this means is that no traveler to Morocco can possibly avoid seeing this beautiful site. Visit the city that never sleeps with Touring In Morocco, a travel service that provides the finest vacations Morocco tours available.

The famed Jamma El-Fna Square, where most of the city’s residents congregate to tell tales, display talents, or sell one-of-a-kind wares, is one of the sights we will show you. In addition, we will take you to see some of the most well-known gardens in the city, including Koutoubia, Menara, and Majorelle. As well as the highest structure in Morocco, the Koutoubia Mosque. We also provide you the opportunity to explore the ancient royal necropolis of Saadian Tombs. The Mellah, Marrakech’s Jewish Quarter, is another area we’ll take you to see.


In the 17th century, Meknes or Amknes was declared the capital of Morocco. When you choose one of our Morocco vacation packages, you’ll have the ability to see the country in a manner that no one else will. The Roman ruins of Volubilis, the once-great capital of the Mauretanian kingdom, are often the first stop on a trip to Morocco. Next, we’ll check out some of the city’s must-see landmarks. From the cozy Lhdim plaza to the bustling Bab Mansour. 

The Qara underground Prison, created in the form of a labyrinth in the 18th century, is another Meknes attraction that is unlike any other. People who go inside, the saying goes, never emerge again. In addition to Meknes, you may visit other fascinating destinations like Lhri and Shrij Souani.


One of the highlights of our Morocco tours is a visit to Rabat, Anfa, the country’s present capital and the cultural heart of Africa. Rabat, Morocco’s current capital, has been the country’s political epicenter since independence was declared. Touring Experience the greatest excursions Morocco has to offer with the help of a travel agency. The route will take you from the Hassan Tower to the Mausoleum of Mohammed the Fifth. Hassan Tower, Rabat’s most recognizable landmark, is really only the unfinished minaret of a mosque that was meant to be the tallest in the world. 

The remains of King Hassan II and his two sons are buried at the Mausoleum of Mohammad V. The kasbahs of the Udayas, located in Rabat, are another of Morocco’s Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Morocco Tours also offers these other great trips:


The Moroccan city of Essaouira is on the Atlantic coast, near the city of Agadir. Multiple labels, including Taros and Alizee, describe it. Others refer to it as “the city of the wind.” The Medina in this city’s historic core and the fresh fish served there have earned it international renown. As a result, Sqala and Citadel port attract a large number of tourists. It is pleasant year-round to explore the ocean’s shores. From Marrakech, one may take a bus for a day journey, or they can arrange a tour via our travel service, Touring In Morocco.


Chaouen, Morocco, is known as the “blue pearl.” Its name, derived from the Berber term Iskaouen, means “the city of the eagles,” and the city is situated in northern Morocco. To put it another way, the form of the two mountains is like the horns of a goat. Originally a Kasbah, it was uncovered by Moulay Ali ibn Rashid al-Alami in 1471. Then, the town’s blue and white walls grew into a familiar sight. Chefchaouen is a city full with interesting sights and activities. 

To begin, you might go to Wtat Lahmam Square, where you can listen to music performed by residents. You may witness a beautiful sunset if you go up to the former church that is now a mosque. The waterfalls of Akchour are a lovely picnicking spot, and they’re just 30 minutes away by car. As an added bonus, Chefchaouen is well-known for its woven woolen goods.

You’ll be able to see this stunning site in Morocco thanks to the tours offered by our travel service, Touring in Morocco.

At the foot of Mount Ait-Ben-Haddou

The Kasbah of Ait-Ben-Haddou, also known as the Glaoua Kasbah, is the most well-known and often visited structure in all of Morocco. The latter is located close to the Ounila valley and has been recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1987. It was also constructed by the Glaoui in the eleventh century. An ancient tribe, they resided in the southern region of present-day Morocco. The fact that they were a hybrid of Arabs and Berbers didn’t hurt either.

And yet, despite the fact that they spoke different languages and had distinct cultural traditions,… When facing out against an opposing tribe, they fought as one unified unit. As a result, they constructed this Kasbah as a fortification to safeguard themselves and their monarch. Additionally, they would combine Klay and hay bales to serve as a walling material.

To get the best perspective of the hamlet from the Kasbah, visitors must climb to the top of the hill where it is located. What you will see along the route

Many recent movies and TV shows, including Gladiator and Game of Thrones, have used the town of Ait Ben Haddou as a location for filming.

Since the eleventh century and the time of the Almoravids, the community of Ait Ben Haddou has been famous for its fortifications. Once a mixed-race community, the settlement is now entirely Berber. The Kasbah is located around 20 kilometers upstream from the Ounila River.

This Kasbah is best seen on a day trip or longer excursion from Marrakech with Morocco Expedition.


Tangier, in Morocco’s northwest, is a major metropolis. It is the primary entry point from Europe and is well-known due to the presence of the Legation Museum of the Americas. There are also numerous stunning natural attractions in the city to explore. There are several accounts of the Caves of Hercules, which are said to be 30 meters in width, among the legends of ancient Greece. There are currently restricted access areas inside the cave. The opening in the cave that, when seen from the ocean, resembles a map of Africa is another major attraction.

Cape Spartel, approximately 14 kilometers west of Tangier, is another popular tourist destination. Not to mention the American ligation museum, the world’s first and only representative office of the United States government.

Gorges of the Dades and Todgha:

When on a holiday trip across Morocco from Marrakech to the south, you cannot visit the country without passing through the spectacular Dades and Todgha Gorges.

The Dades Gorges are an extraordinary travel destination in southern Morocco. In addition, the city of Kalaat M’egouna and the valley it sits in are also within easy driving distance. Upon entering Boumalne Dades, you will be struck by the stunning landscape of rolling hills in a rainbow of hues. Additionally, there are those known as “Monkey fingers” that reside there. This is why many people go to the second option. The region is also well-known for the Tisdrine Curves. 

The area is located in the Gorges for a distance of around 18 kilometers beyond the Fig Valley. In addition, there is a restaurant with 360-degree views of the valleys, the snake road, and other eateries and lodgings at the summit.

The Todgha Gorges may be found in the High Atlas Mountains’ eastern half. This is a popular tourist destination because of the series of river canyons carved out of the limestone rock. Plus, the Gorges are a popular destination for rock climbing, picnics, and other outings.


Touring In Morocco is a travel organization that can help you plan a vacation that begins in Casablanca. However, it is the country’s biggest city and may be found in the country’s central-western region. Casablanca, sometimes known as “the white house,” is the commercial hub of Morocco.

The mosque is the city’s primary and foremost must-see landmark. One of the tallest mosque minarets in Africa is located in a building known as Hassan 2.

In addition, if you’re looking for something to eat or drink, the mosque is just five minutes away from The Cornish. It’s a terrific spot to get a glimpse of the high life in Casablanca. From the luxurious hotels to the lively bars and eateries.


Most frequent questions and answers

To learn more about the covid-19 health crisis in Morocco, see the following website:

I’ve always had a passion for seeing new places, and Africa was on my bucket list. Since I was interested in learning more about Morocco and thought it could be nice to experience a new culture, I decided to go there. I was excited to see its reputed beauty for myself after reading several accounts of it.

In Marrakesh, I stayed at the Hotel Medina. It was fantastic. Because my room had a balcony overlooking the Atlas Mountains, I spent a lot of time there. The souks (markets) and the local cuisine were additional highlights of my time in Morocco.

The Sahara Desert, the Atlantic coast, and the High Atlas Mountains were all magnificent sights for me. Exploring the Moroccan culture was fascinating to me as well.

When I went, I didn’t have a plan for when I returned. I had no idea what direction to go in. I had no particular plans beyond seeing as much as I could during my time there. As soon as I got back to my house, I set about planning my next trip.

Here is a rundown of the sites I stopped by on my vacation, in case you’re seeking for inspiration. There are links to them at the very top of the post.

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