Tours From Tangier - Private and Shared trips

Excursions departing from Tangier:

The city of Tangier is often regarded as one of the top tourist sites in all of Morocco. As a result, the knowledgeable members of our staff have individualized some excursions that customers often book. In addition to operating tours of the desert from Tangier, we also provide customised itineraries for both groups and individuals looking to see the desert. Check out the itineraries listed further down if you plan to make Tangier the starting point of your trip and if you are interested in doing so. However, if you feel that they do not meet your requirements, you are free to get in touch with us and design your own schedule.

Morocco desert trips from Tangier’s destinations:


You will get the opportunity to see the captivating city of Tangier on one of our desert trips that departs from Tangier. The metropolis known as the White City was and still is considered to be one of the most prominent cities in all of Morocco. Because of the position of its Strategy, it played a significant part in the history of the globe. Due to the fact that it serves as a gateway to three continents, it has become a prosperous city that welcomes tourists and merchants from all over the world. Not to mention the fact that some of the very first assets owned by the United States were located in Tangier.

At this location, we will take you to see the most notable landmarks and attractions there are to see. To begin, just as in every other city in Morocco, Tangier is home to one of the most beautiful and impressive mosques. The mosque was initially constructed on the site of a Roman temple. Following the Portuguese invasion in the 18th century, it was converted into a church at that time. After then, it went through a number of different transformations, this time from a church to a mosque and back again. In the end, it was converted into a mosque and given the title of the Grand Mosque of Tangier.

Morocco was the first country in the world to formally recognize the United States of America as a sovereign entity, and it was in Morocco that the United States acquired its first possessions outside of the continental United States. Because of this, they decided to construct the American Legation Museum. When you enter this incredible location, it transports you to another period and gives you the impression that you are somewhere else entirely.

Our desert excursions will take you to discover many more areas in addition to the well-known Kasbah and St. Andrew’s Church that are both located in Tangier. Tangier is home to many other lovely attractions as well.

Our desert trips will take you to explore Chefchaouen from Tangier, and they will include the following:

Get ready to see one of the most vibrant and visually stunning cities in Morocco by booking one of our desert trips departing from Tangier. One of the most popular tourist destinations in our nation is Chefchaouen, often known as the “blue pearl.” Chaouen, with its blue walls that symbolize the cultural richness of Morocco and the city, has become an essential stop on any Tangier desert trip due to the fact that it showcases this diversity. It is reported that this city is painted blue in order to discourage mosquitoes from settling there. Some people believe that Jews were responsible for painting it blue. Due to the fact that the Jewish people were the first settlers of the city, the color blue is significant to both of them since it brings them closer to God.

In Chefchaouen, the majority of residents still paint the outside of their homes blue once every year or two in order to preserve the city’s charming appearance. This practice dates back to the city’s founding. In addition, many individuals who visit Chaouen fell in love with the city and wish they had more time to spend there so they could see each of its streets. Some people like to appreciate the scenery from a new vantage point by going trekking in the Rif Mountains.

Traveling over the desert from Tangier to Fes

Fes, often known as the “City of Culture,” is considered to be one of Morocco’s four Imperial Cities. Idriss I, the first ruler of the Idrisid dynasty, established the city in 789. Fes is the ancient capital of Morocco and has been inhabited by a wide variety of civilisations throughout the course of its history. Each has had a significant impact on the city’s history and contributed to the city’s distinctive charm.

Our desert tours departing from Tangier give you the opportunity to see and learn about a wide variety of stunning locations. In most cases, we get things started by touring the ancient Madina with a local guide. In this area, you will come across a variety of things, from vibrant alleyways to quaint little souks. After that, we head to discover Choura tannery, the oldest of all tanneries in Fes. Constructed in the 11th century in the oldest street in the city. Every tourist visiting Fes stop by this unique place where they make leather products. The amazing fact is that these locals are still using spices and other traditional ways to paint their products.

Another attraction that you should not miss is the old existing university in the globe. Al-Qarawiyyin was constructed as a religious institution in 859. The Moroccans name it Madrassa which meaning school. This institution was the educational hub of entire Muslim World. However, after a few years, they began to teach additional courses such as languages, French and English, alongside many more scientific disciplines. Both men and women were attending the classes that the Sheikhs give. The key truth about this location is that it was established by a woman, which shows the excellent ideals of our nation, and the significance of women in our culture.

In general, Fes provides many additional attractive sights to see and activities to do. To understand more about them, contact our staff to arrange your desert trips from Tangier!

Private desert trips from Tangier to Meknes

Another imperial city in Morocco, Meknes is one of the stops on our individualized desert trips that depart from Tangier. In spite of the fact that there are less visitors there, there are a lot of lovely sites and areas that are really worth seeing. As an example, we’ll use the well-known gate of Bab Mansour, which is one of the biggest doors in all of Morocco. Meknes was established as a military stronghold by the Almoravids, who also constructed the massive wall that encircles the city today.

The Qara Prison is located in Meknes and is known to be one of the longest and longest subterranean jails in the world. It is reported that it can be seen all the way to the city of Fes from Meknes. They believe that anybody who ventures farther inside the facility would get disoriented due to the fact that the layout of the jail is similar to that of a labyrinth.

In addition to that, we will take you on a tour of the plaza that is Morocco’s second biggest. People congregate at Lhdim Square for the purpose of seeing a variety of various performances. You will encounter a wide variety of entertainers, both storytellers and charmers, promoting their concerts. We will take you on a tour to the Shrij Souani, which is located not too far from here. A body of water located in the middle of the medina. Next to it is a site called Lhri Swani, which was utilized by them as a hiding spot for food and other items.

Roman remains may be seen in the second photo from the right, which depicts Volubilis. This tourist destination may be found between the two cities of Fes and Meknes, close to the village of Moulay Zerhour. Additionally, the ruins served as the political and administrative heart of Mauretania. Nevertheless, it was obliterated when an earthquake struck Lisbon in the 18th century. Nevertheless, there are still some of the structures standing, and the UNESCO heritage organization safeguards them.

On one of our desert trips, we’ll transport you to Ifrane so you may explore the cedar woodland there.

We often detour through Ifrane and the cedar woodland on the route from Fes to the desert. We begin our journey by visiting the beautiful city of Ifrane. The city of Marrakech, sometimes known as “The Switzerland of Morocco,” is the cleanest in Africa and the eighth cleanest in the world. It is ranked top in Africa. During this portion of the tour, we will take you on a stroll to the statue of the Atlas lion. An historical tale claims that it was constructed by a German prisoner during the war. During the time when Morocco was ruled by France, several military outposts were established around the country at various strategic locations. Ifrane served as the location of one of these bases. During the course of the fight, they were able to capture a German soldier. They told him that he would only be allowed to go free if he did something very specific for them. Because the Atlas Lions are so well-known in Morocco, he decided to model the monument after them.

We are going to move to the cedar forest. One of the most extensive forests in the nation, which sheltered a great number of elderly animals. It’s a shame that some of them are no longer around. During our time together, I would want to take you on a hike in the woods. In addition to that, you will have the opportunity to give the Barbary macaque some food.

When you go on a desert trip in Tangier, you will see the Merzouga desert.

The Sahara desert is a must-visit destination and one of the top things to do and see while in Morocco. The Sahara desert is without a doubt the most unforgettable experience on any trip to Morocco. Upon arriving, you will get the feeling of being in a different environment than before. In most cases, we get here rather early in the evening so that we may see the breathtaking desert sunset. We go through the desert on camels and desert ships before entering the Berber settlement across the sand dunes. While we were traveling, we would pull over often in order to snap photographs and soak in the scenery.

After that, the nighttime in the desert begins when we go to our desert camp, which is fully outfitted. To begin, a hot cup of mint tea made from fresh mint leaves will be brought to you. After that, you are free to wander about the desert on your own at your own pace. Sandboarding equipment may be found inside the tents, and visitors can use it to climb the dunes and go skiing.

When evening arrives, a mouthwatering Moroccan supper fit for a king will be brought to your table for dinner. While this is going on, members of our crew will be preparing the fire, getting themselves geared up to play drums, and getting ready to entertain you with Berber music. A night spent in the desert beneath the stars is unquestionably an experience of a lifetime.

Visit Erfoud and Rissani:

When you choose one of our excursions beginning in Tangier, you will go to Erfoud and Rissani, two of the most important towns in the southeast region of Morocco. As a result, the length of your trip will determine whether or not you will have the opportunity to visit either of these two destinations. To begin, there is Erfoud, which is located around 60 kilometers (km) from the Sahara desert. Our desert trips that depart from Tangier will take you to this city, which is home to a large number of people who study with fossils. In addition, the city of Erfoud has an annual festival dedicated to dates every year. Attendees come from all over the globe to display and sell the many varieties of dates that are available.

One of the oldest cities in the southeast of Morocco is known as Rissani, sometimes known as Tafilalt. In addition to this, it was a major hub for commerce in the past, serving as both a point of departure and arrival for a great number of businesspeople. Using the scenario of the merchants traveling to Tombouctou as an example. This city is home to the region’s most extensive and well-preserved traditional souk. Discover the desert of Tangier for yourself by going on one of our trips.

Tours of the desert in Tangier can take you to a variety of valleys, including:

Morocco is a prosperous nation with several valleys that provide a variety of goods to its visitors. As a result, we are able to provide you with desert excursions departing from Tangier that cover the most of them.

The Ziz valley is widely regarded as the nation’s most important source of dates due to its proximity to the city of Erfoud and its abundance of date palms. In addition, the scenery of this valley is very mesmerizing due to the presence of hundreds of palm palms. In addition, the water that flows through the river comes from the Errachidia dam, even though it was originally sourced from the Atlas Mountains. Not to mention the fact that the river is also known by another name; locals from the town of Awfous, which is located close, call it Ait Chaker.

The distance from the city of Marrakech to the Ourika Valley is about 40 kilometers (24 miles). People from the area visit this site so that they may get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, the majority of individuals that visit here do so on the weekends for the purpose of going camping.

Todgha and Gorges valleys: Todgha valley is well-known for its canyons and also for several old Kasbahs. Gorges valley is home to a number of gorges. In addition, the canyons reach heights of around 300 meters, and visitors may enjoy spending the day under the rocks as a tourist attraction.

You may choose to spend the night in the valley of Dades whether you are traveling from Marrakech to Merzouga or vice versa. In addition, Cadillac, the automobile, was able to beat the record for ascending up and down three times in the span of 3 minutes and 19 seconds while navigating the bends of Tissdrine.

You will travel to Ouarzazate on one of our trips departing from Tangier.

Not only will you be able to see Ouarzazate on one of our excursions departing from Tangier, but also on one of our tours departing from Marrakech, Casablanca, or Fes. In light of this, get ready to go on a journey to Morocco and explore the city of film, Ouarzazate, also known as Ouallywood. The name of this city comes from two different terms in the Berber language: ouar, which means “without,” and zazate, which means “noise.” The surrounding Kasbahs are a large part of the reason for the influx of film producers. For example, the Kasbah of Taourirt is located in the same city as Ouarzazate, while the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou is located around 30 kilometers outside of Ouarzazate.

The Atlas Cinema Studios are another point of interest for movie makers since here is where they shoot their films and also where they rent out their facilities to other production companies. In addition to that, there is a little international airport in the vicinity. It is not right to expect actors and directors to navigate the winding roads of the High Atlas Mountains at a speed of four hours.

In addition to this, Ouarzazate is also known as the entryway to the Sahara desert. After that, the government constructed the largest solar station ever at that location. Please see a photo of it attached.

The following is an example of a Kasbah that you will see on one of our trips departing from Tangier:

Kasbahs are plentiful in Morocco. Nevertheless, the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou is the largest and the one that attracts the most tourists. To begin, the name “Kasbah” originates from the Arabic word “Kasab,” which literally translates to “bamboo,” since that material is used to construct the rooftops of the Kasbah. They don’t refer to it as a palace since it wasn’t built for monarchs. In the 11th century, members of the Glawi family, who were members of the Almoravid dynasty, constructed the Kasbah. Additionally, there is no charge to enter the Kasbah.

The Touareg people are responsible for making the Kasbah renowned. They traveled all the way to Morocco from Tombouctou in only 52 days. At this location, they dealt in salt as well as other items.

In addition to this, several well-known movie scenes were shot in the Kasbah, contributing to its notoriety.

The Gladiator, a co-production between the United States and the United Kingdom, is one of the most well-known and significant films to have been produced in this country. You may see a little segment of the film that was shot at the Kasbah right here on Youtube.

Second, there’s the British film Lawrence of Arabia, which was released in 1962 and is known for its dramatic content. This fantastic film helped make The Kasbah a household name.

Thirdly, there is the film “Kingdom of Heaven,” which was produced in 2005 and offered many residents of the area the opportunity to join and assist in the making of the film. Despite this, they were only able to make a tiny portion of it here.

Fourthly, “The Mummy.” A lot of people are under the impression that the portion of the desert that was filmed in the movie took place in Egypt, whereas in fact it was filmed near Merzouga and Ait Benhaddou.

Tours of the Sahara Desert departing from Tangier and traveling via the High and Middle Atlas Mountains.
We will travel by car across both the high and middle atlas mountains as we make our way from the western part of Morocco to the Sahara desert.

The High Atlas Mountains are well-known for their highest peak, which is located near Toubkal and is about 4,167 meters in altitude. When arriving from Marrakech, the route that travels via the High Atlas Mountains is the one that is going to be the quickest. The road ascends to a height of about 2260 meters there. Additionally, if you are departing from Fes on one of our Morocco desert excursions, you will travel across these lofty Atlas Mountains, but to a lesser extent than if you started off from Marrakech.

The Middle Atlas Mountains are known for the apple capital of the world, Midelt, which is located in their midst. In addition, during the winter months, on the weekends, people from Morocco go here to enjoy the snowy weather.

excursions into the desert to Zagora from Tangier.

You will not only explore the desert of Merzouga, but also the desert of Zagora, when you book one of our excursions beginning in Tangier. As a result, you will have the opportunity to plan a big trip that will take you from Tangier to the desert of Zagora. In this area, in addition to the camel ride, you may also go camping in traditional Berber tents. However, a significant number of vacationers had a negative experience since they went there with the expectation of seeing sand dunes. The Erg Dunes in Merzouga Erg Chebbi are a more desirable location for camping and camel trekking.

There are a lot of nomads in the Zagora desert, and many of them have camels that are pregnant or nursing infants, which they milk. Then, given that it is beneficial to one’s health, they sell it to a large number of residents as well as visitors.

On the road to Zagora, you’ll pass through the largest valley of dates palm trees in Morocco; in fact, here is where the majority of the country’s dates originate from.

The city of Marrakech is an essential stop on our trips of the Tangier desert.

Marrakech, Morocco’s most popular tourist destination, is the last stop on several of our excursions that begin in Tangier. The majority of visitors either begin or end their journey at this location. In addition, Marrakech is the most popular tourist destination in all of Morocco since it is the largest city in the country. In addition to this, it is the fourth largest city in all of Morocco.

In Berber, Marrakech is known as Amurakuc, which literally translates to “the Land of God.” Additionally, it is one of the imperial cities of Morocco. That is to say, it served as a capital city while the Almoravid dynasty was in control of the region. Marrakech is packed with exciting destinations that are waiting to be explored by vacationers.

To begin, there is the garden known as the Majorelle garden. This garden was named after the French painter Jean-Jacques Majorelle. Since he began working on it in 1923, it took this artist almost to four decades to finish it. After that, the two artists Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé arrived to open it up to the public and charge them an admission fee. They also performed some maintenance on it.

The second garden is called the Menara Garden, and it is located to the southwest of Marrakech. The Menara Garden was constructed in the 12th century, and it has a pool in front of the Menara. Additionally, the word Menara is Arabic for “lighthouse.”

Thirdly, the mosque of the Koutoubia: it is well knowledge that Muslims worship Allah at the mosque. This one, which can be seen close to the plaza of Jamaa El fan, is the largest and highest in all of Morocco. Even though non-Muslims are not permitted inside, it is nonetheless a popular tourist destination to snap photographs of from the outside.

Jamaa El Fna is the most popular tourist destination in this area, so be sure to pay it a visit. As a result, a trip to Marrakech would not be complete without a stop there. People shop here and provide entertainment for visitors; here is also where the monkey’s charmers, other animals, and monkeys are located.

From Tangier to Essaouira, we provide both private and group desert trips.

Essaouira, also known as Mogador in Morocco, is known as the city of the wind. It may be found on the shoreline. As a result, this relatively tiny city is well-known for its seafood. There are a lot of activities available in this location. To begin, the city’s historic district, often known as the old Medina, is the primary draw for tourists. Additionally, it is well-known for its ports, including the Sqala port and the Citadel port.