Fes to Chefchaouen 2 days tour via Meknes

Book your trip to Morocco for 2 days, starting in Fes and ending in cgechaouen. Below is the schedule for your trip.

About This Tour

Tour from Fes to Chefchaouen through the desert for 2 days, with an itinerary that includes and excludes the following:

Include :

Exclude :

Highlights of the Morocco 2 days desert trip beginning from Fes and ending in Chefchaouen are as follows:

2 days desert excursion from Fes to Chefchaouen, a suggested itinerary

Our private and small-group tours to Fes also include a 2-day excursion to Meknes, where you may see the city’s fascinating historical sites. Chefchaouen is a stunning city that you must see. For the 2 day trip from Fes to Chefchaouen, we have made special arrangements to accommodate the needs of our prior guests. To begin, we’ll come pick you up from your Fes hotel or a prearranged meeting spot.

We’ll start with a trip to the ancient city of Meknes. As a first stop, we’ll take the less-than-2-hour trip to the Roman remains of Volubilis, a popular destination for those interested in learning about the region’s past. The next stop is Bab Al Mansour, the major entrance of the Medina and Imperial City of Meknes. After that, you should explore the souks to pick up some mementos. After that, stop by the Madrasa Bou Inania. As well, there’s Herri Es-Souani, a massive horse stable that can house over 12,000. In addition, here is where they stored wheat. On top of that, there’s the enigmatic Prison of Kara, from where many individuals have vanished without a trace.

We want to visit the famous Chefchaouen or Chaouen after seeing the ancient city of Meknes. In the beginning, we will pick you up from your standard hotel and take you to the Grand Mosque. It predates even Moulay ‘Ali ibn Rashid al-founding Alami’s of the city and is therefore the oldest building in the area. After that, explore the area near Ras El-Uta-El-Hammam. Ma’s Hiking via the Rif Mountains will lead you to the stunning Akchour.

Our two-day excursion to Chefchaouen will conclude when we return to Fes at the conclusion of our stay.

2 days tour from Fes to Chefchaouen via Meknes itinerary :

Going from Fes to Meknes and then onto Chefchaouen on Day 1:

Meknes is the first stop on our two-day journey from Fes to Chefchaouen. We will be able to see the Roman remains in this city after less than an hour of travelling. Volubilis formerly served as the capital of the kingdom of Mauretania. The city is visible from the valley’s highest peaks, including the Moulay Idriss Zerhoune. This ancient, well-preserved monument is conveniently located in a wheat-growing region midway between Fes and Meknes, two of Morocco’s cultural centers.

We’ll have a guided tour there before moving on to Bab El Mansour. This magnificent gate is considered to be among the finest examples of Moroccan architecture. The ancient Medina of Meknes may be reached from this harbor, which has been well-preserved. Next, check out the Heri-Es Souani, a masterpiece by Moulay Ismail the architect. We want to check out the wheat storage facilities while we are there. However, there is a cost associated with exploring the region’s water infrastructure.

Finally, we’ll get to tour Karra’s jail. A large, subterranean jail that was constructed in the 18th century. The name of a Portuguese prisoner inspired its creation.

We will eventually arrive in Chefchaouen and spend the night at a Riad or hotel there.

Two-day trip to Fes and neighboring Chefchaouen

The trip to Chefchaouen and Akchour will begin after breakfast at the lovely local Riad. We will first visit the Grand Mosque, the oldest in this picturesque city. It may be found in the heart of the city at Place Outa Hammam, not far from the ancient kasbah. Second, you’ll be able to go hiking in the Rif Mountains and take in the breathtaking scenery. Get back out there for a stroll and learn about the city’s main plaza, Plaza Uta El Hammam.

In the end, we’ll take the short journey to picturesque Akchour, where you can swim, walk in the Rif Mountains, and more.

Get back to Fes tonight, since tomorrow marks the conclusion of our two-day excursion to Chefchaouen.

Fes to Chefchaouen 2 days tour via Meknes' Reviews:

The Finest Chaouen Vacation

We used this organization to plan a two-day trip from Fes to Chefchaouen, and it was fantastic! Our guide, Ahmed, had extensive knowledge of each and every site we saw. They also provided a full-day guide service as we wanted to see Fez before the trip began. The trek in the Rif Mountains, the waterfalls outside of Chefchaouen, etc. The whole affair went off without a hitch. Once again, many thanks, Ahmed; it was wonderful to meet someone of your caliber. There is no doubt in my mind that this time we will go to Morocco and have a Sahara desert adventure. As again, I appreciate the excellent service provided by Morocco Expedition.

Maria C
October 2018

The greatest city in Morocco is Chefchaouen.

We flew into Fes from Madrid in July after deciding to explore Morocco, and immediately set out in search of a travel agent. When we searched online for first findings, we discovered that Touring The city of Meknes and its attractions may be seen on a two-day tour from Fes to Chefchaouen offered by Morocco Travel. Our tour experience was excellent, so we decided to plan another one. Our guide, Hassan, was very well-versed on the history of Meknes and Morocco. We went to the Akchour waterfalls and walked the Rif Mountains, and he was a great guide the whole time. Despite its brevity, we found ourselves engrossed. We appreciate Hassan’s help and will be in touch shortly to hire you as a guide when we return.

Dan F
September 2018

Great views and a helpful guide

As a group of seven, we arrived in Morocco around the end of September. It was a huge hassle trying to locate a reliable travel agency. In Morocco Expedtition was located after researching the top firms shown first in the search results. After much deliberation, my mother and I decided to take a two-day vacation from Fes to Chefchaouen and Meknes since she was particularly interested in exploring Chefchaouen. Upon our arrival, we were taken aback by the city’s stunning architecture and aesthetics. The Volibilus, a peculiar jail, and a door. What’s more, Chefchaouen itself was a stunning location. The plaza and mosque, as well as the climb through the Rif Mountains, were well worth the time and effort. To top it all off, before heading to Fes, we were able to unwind and go on a trek to the waterfall of Akchour. The blue pearl is an excellent tourist destination.

Sadio B
July 2018

Have a question about the itinerary for the 2 days excursion from Fes to Chefchaouen?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about the 2 Days travel from Fes to Chefchaouen itinerary. Any inquiries you may have will be answered with pleasure by our staff.

An outline of the stops on a two-day trip from Fes to Chefchaouen:


Our Fes to Chefchaouen journey takes only 2 days and is available via Morocco Expedition. The medieval city of Meknes and the blue jewel of Chefchaouen are also must-sees for our valued customers. Akchour is a great place to unwind and explore the Rif Mountains. Nonetheless, the day before going to Meknes, they are permitted to hire a guide in order to explore Fes. So, we compiled a list of places of interest in Fes for you:

Mosque of Bou Inania, or Madrasa

Among Fes’s first educational institutions, Merenid ruler Bou Inan commissioned its construction between 1350 and 1357. Non-Muslims are permitted entry and may appreciate the city’s stunning architecture. Take the T’alaa Lekbira in the old city to go to the Madrasa or the school.

In the Fes El Bali:

The Medina of Fes, also known as “Fes El Bali,” is the oldest part of the city. Both the modern and the ancient Medina may be accessed through the Blue gate of Bab Boujloud.

Visitors to Fes El Bali who are interested in purchasing a leather memento may do so in any number of local Souks.

The Old Foundouq and Medersa Sahrij are only two of the numerous historical sites nearby. The greatest vantage point is also conveniently located just outside the entrance gate (the minaret of the Medersa Bou Inania).

These are the Chouara Tanneries:

Known as Fes’s “tannery district,” this region has gained notoriety. Although hundreds of visitors flock there year, the site is notorious for its unpleasant odor. As a result, locals could think about packing some mint leaves. Crafts such as colorful Moroccan slippers, leatherwork, metalwork, etc. are produced locally. Safran, Ginger, and other spices are used.

In the evening, when the leather wholes are dry and vibrant, the area is at its most attractive. You may get a beautiful view for a low fee if you stay on the rooftop or balcony of a property.

One of the best souvenirs you can purchase is a pair of authentic leather shoes or a leather jacket.


When planning your two-day trip from Fes to Chefchaouen, there is enough to see and do in Fes itself. The ones we’ve included here are the most popular and well-known; if you want to know more, just get in touch with us.


The Roman remains, gates, plazas, and other highlights of Meknes are just some of the stops along the way on the two-day excursion from Fes to Chefchaouen. To help you plan your trip, our staff has provided the following details on the following attractions:


Volubilis, the Roman remains, are a must-see. Meknes’s old town, which mostly predates the city’s golden age, is the city’s most popular tourist destination. When you arrive at your destination with one of our Morocco tour guides, you’ll have the opportunity to learn everything about the region’s rich history.

The Gate of the Sphinx (Bab El Mansour)

The primary entrance to the city from the Meknes suburbs. A great example of the surviving gates, it is admired across Africa. Known for having the best architecture and design in all of Fes. The two-day trip from Fes to Chefchaouen is not complete without seeing this beautiful example of zellige tiling and carved woodwork.

Medina, both the old and the new:

Every major city in Morocco has two distinct parts: the old city, with its ancient gates, squares, and architectural structures, and the new city, which is typically more modern. Souks are a must-see in Meknes, and you’ll get to see both of them here. Places like the Marche central and the Souk Sehb Mabrouka are just a few examples.

Moulay Ismail, Sultan of Morocco, oversaw its construction, which was completed in 1732.

To quote Heri Es-Souani:

Meknes’ wheat grain was stored at the Heri Es-Souani under the reign of Moulay Ismail. Moreover, the Imperial City’s grain storage facilities and stables are located there. At one time, there were almost 20,000 horses in the region.

Get in touch with us if you want additional details about the sights we’ll see on our two-day trip from Fes to Chefchaouen.


The blue pearl is the crown jewel of your two-day journey with Touring In Morocco from Fes to Chefchaouen. You may fill your days with sightseeing in Chaouen. Here is a list of the most popular stops along the way from Fes to Chefchaouen.

In the Great Mosque:

In Chaouen, this mosque has been around the longest. Various sources place its construction somewhere between the 16th century and the time the city was founded.

Chaouen’s locals used to be educated in the Quran and other religious texts.

Location: Plaza Uta El Hammam

This is Chaouen’s most well-known public space. The latter may be explored on foot with our travel guide, leading you to spots where you can rest, have a coffee, and more. Its location is ideal, since it is near to the original Kasbah in the Blue Pearl. Every kind of performance is staged on this plaza. It’s also common to see monkey and snake handlers performing for the amusement of onlookers.

Hike the Rif mountains:

Rif mountain trekking is popular for two reasons: the scenery and the history. They would begin by going to the city’s most famous mosque or going on a hike to catch the sunset and take some breathtaking pictures of the city. We’ll give you a chance to explore these mountains on our two-day trip from Fes to Chefchaouen. Furthermore, our driver/photographer will show you the greatest locations if you are a photographer.

Come to Akchour and see:

Once our time in Chefchaouen comes to a close in the early afternoon, we’ll transport you to the city of Akchour. A spot where the lush mountains and gushing waterfalls will enchant you. Places to unwind, such as cozy cafes, may be found nearby.

The trip from Fes to Chefchaouen takes 2 days, but it’s well worth it because of all you’ll see and do there.

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