5 days Marrakech desert tours itinerary to Merzouga

Morocco Expedition offers 5 days Marrakech desert tours itinerary to Merzouga

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Trip from Marrakech to Merzouga in 5 days includes and excludes the following activities:

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On a 5 days excursion, these are the top points of the itinerary:

5 days Marrakech desert tours itinerary to Merzouga overview :

Typically, Marrakech is where our 5-day Marrakech desert tours begin and end. In general, our 5-day tour provides a rare opportunity to explore the nation’s top attractions. Prior to spending the night in Gorges Dades, we will first pass by the Atlas Mountains, Ait Benhaddou, and Ouarzazate. Second, we’ll spend a night in the desert after visiting it to examine it. You will be exposed to a different environment on the third day thanks to the desert excursion. On the fourth day, however, we will return with you so that you can spend the night in Ouarzazate. The journey comes to an end on the final day as we return to Marrakech.

The schedule for a 5 days excursion from Marrakech to Merzouga :

Going from Marrakech to Boumalne Dades on Day 1

The first day of our five-day Marrakech desert tour begins with a pickup at your red city hotel. As a first step, we’ll make the drive over the Tizi Ntichka pass (about 200 km), stopping along the way to check out the argan oil cooperative. At the 2260m high point of the High Atlas Mountains Pass, we will halt to take in the breathtaking scenery. As we proceed toward Ait Benhaddou, we shall see the Kasbah of Telouet.

In between our morning and afternoon adventures, we’ll stop for lunch and explore the ancient fortress of Ait Benhaddou. A lot of people consider it to be the ideal place in Africa to film movies. Because of this, it has been designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco. For example, Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, and the Kingdom of Heaven were all filmed in this tiny town. We’ll spend the night in Boumalne Dades, more specifically in the Dades Gorges.

Second Day: Dades Gorges to Merzouga Desert

After a leisurely breakfast in the Dades Gorges, we’ll continue our 5-day Marrakech desert tour. The first stop will be the world-famous climbing destination of the Todra Gorges. However, we would spend some time on foot exploring its 300-meter-deep gorges. See if you can get a glimpse of the Berber nomads who bring their goats to the spring for a drink of water. And if that’s not enough, we can always check out some local carpet-making studios. We planned to eat lunch in between our next two stops, in Tinghir and Tinjedad.

We will travel through Erfoud, known for its fossil workshops, and then enter the desert. The picturesque sights of the golden sand dunes are guaranteed to take your breath away. The camels will be used to traverse the Erg Echabbi sand dunes. We’ll take a break to watch the sun go down along the route. We’ll have reached the Berber encampment, our final destination, by then. To kick off our magical desert evening, we’ll feast on a traditional Moroccan supper. Following that, we’ll change gears and enjoy some Berber music and a campfire under the stars.

The Merzouga Desert Tour, Day 3:

Our third desert excursion from Marrakesh The entire five-day schedule is dedicated to discovering the desert. Typically, the first stop on a desert tour is with the Berber Nomads, Morocco’s original inhabitants. These people still maintain a nomadic lifestyle with a large number of goats, sheep, and donkeys in a collection of tents. After that, we’ll take a trip to a kohl mine in M’Ifiss, a region once colonized by the French. In a short while, we’ll set out to see the best desert vistas by driving to some of the most interesting locations.

As the journey progresses, we’ll be taking you to a new way of living. The Gnawa people are originally from Mali and Gabon, but they have since migrated to other parts of Morocco, including Khamlia, our next stop. As part of their legendary hospitality, the Gnaoua will likely play music and show you some of their one-of-a-kind dancing movies. When we’re done exploring the city, we’ll drop you off at your hotel and then head off to explore the desert and its famous Oases.

Ouarzazate to the Merzouga Desert on Day 4:

We will resume our 5 day Marrakech desert tour after breakfast at the hotel. Back in Ouarzazate again, but this time we’ll be taking a different route. To begin, we’ll hit the road for Rissani, where tens of thousands of palm trees await. This city is home to the largest traditional Souk (Market) in the Southeast of Morocco, and we want to visit it. After that, we’ll pass through a number of picturesque Berber towns on our way to our next destination.

We plan to have lunch in Nkob, which we should reach around noon. Finally, we’ll travel to Daraa valley, home of Morocco’s largest river and valley. We spend the night in Ouarzazate after a day of sightseeing.

Ouarzazate to Marrakech on Day 5:

Our 5 day Marrakech desert tour will start in Ouarzazate on the final day. Undoubtedly, a trip to Morocco’s Ouallywood will not be wasted time. Therefore, we will be spending the bulk of our time on the journey of discovery. Atlas Studios are, without a doubt, the best local attraction. A number of films and television shows have been shot in Ouarzazate, and it has gained international renown as a result. In spite of this, production for shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Prison Break” took place here. After our time in Ouarzazate is done, we will return to the road of a thousand kasbahs as we make our way to Marrakech. After being dropped off at your hotel, our Marrakech tour and service will come to an end.

Reviews for a 2 day trip from Marrakech to Zagora:

Great way to camel ride the Sahara

Hassan, our driver, took us on a journey from Marrakech to Merzouga, where we rode camels and spent the night under the stars in Berber tents. Both the service and the tour itself were fantastic; we saw much more of Morocco than just the Sahara. Our accommodations and meals were of a high standard, and the automobile was spotless and elegant.

Mani D
Janauary 2020

Friendly staff and high-quality work

A fantastic five-day trip around Morocco. From Marrakech, Idir took us to AitBenhaddou, where he gave us a tour and explained why the site is known as a Kasbah and other interesting facts. We visited the Merzouga and Dades canyons, and the highlight of the trip was the camel ride we’d been looking forward to for years. We had a wonderful experience on our tour since Idir was able to keep us on schedule and the individuals we encountered, both nomads and hotel staff, were all very kind.

jun 2019

Traveling with Hamid.

In Morocco, we celebrated New Year’s Eve in the most spectacular fashion. Our family members suggested that we take this trip to the Sahara desert from Marrakech, so that’s where we went. Our timing on New Year’s Eve allowed us to finally go camel trekking, something we’d always wanted to do. I had no idea there would be so many people visiting, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the wild celebrations. We were at a Berber camp where they had a party complete with drums and fireworks. Merzouga desert is a must-see if you’re spending New Year’s Eve in Morocco.

December 2019

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An Overview of a 5 Day Desert Tour from Marrakech to the Towns of Merzouga

A range of mountains known as the Atlas

The stunning Atlas Mountains are the first landmark on our desert journey. These renowned mountain chains span the length of three countries: Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. In reality, the peaks of the Atlas Mountains are not connected by a single, unbroken chain. They can be roughly separated into three categories throughout all three nations. To begin, there is central Morocco, where the Middle Atlas Mountains are located. 

The latter is a crucial water supplier because it is the coldest and wettest region of the country. Bou Nasser, at an altitude of around 3,340 meters, is its highest mountain. The Anti Atlas range is located to the northwest, parallel to the High. The valley and surrounding Berber communities are a sight to behold. The High Atlas range is the largest and longest in the world. They extend throughout several of North Africa’s nations. Due to their length, they have some of the world’s most stunning attractions and scenery. 

On top of it, Toubkal, at 4,167 meters, the highest peak in all of the ranges, is located there. Tizi Ntichka, which translates to “the col of being lost,” is the name of the pass we usually take when traversing these mountains. It’s the only route that leads to the southeast from Marrakech. The highest point of this winding route is approximately 2260 meters above sea level, and it offers stunning views.

The desert of Merzouga in the Sahara

The Merzouga desert is, without a doubt, the best site in all of Morocco to explore the desert. The area is ideal for camel rides, glamorous camping, and fascinating desert excursions. You can also rent a buggy or quad and drive over the sand dunes. Merzouga sits in the extreme southeastern corner of Morocco, some 50 kilometers from the Algerian border. Merzouga has the largest and tallest golden sand dunes in all of Morocco. 

The longest dune range is reportedly roughly 30 kilometers long, with the highest peak standing at around 150 meters. But if you venture further to the southeast, you’ll find that there are other deserts that make equally pleasant vacation spots. Hassi Labied, Tanamoust, and Khamlia are just a few of the minor towns that are included in the larger region of Merzouga, which includes the entire area where the desert of Erg Chebbi can be found.

The largest urban center, however, is home to some 5,000 people. Many locals of Morocco also travel to the desert for sand baths, making it a popular tourist attraction. Most of these people have rheumatism, and the hot sand is an excellent treatment for this condition. Camel rides and glamorous camping on the dunes are the primary draws to the desert town of Merzouga. Other options include things like a desert tour that lets you explore the area around the sand dunes. 

You can travel to different regions and meet different people groups, such as the Gnawa or the Berber Nomads. In addition, you can hire a four-wheeler or a buggy and travel to a scenic location to witness the sunrise or the sunset.


Marrakech desert tours 5 days itinerary is an excellent chance to visit some of the nicest valleys in Morocco. These valleys were the only route for camel caravans until the road was built between Marrakech and the Merzouga desert. To begin, there is the Draa valley, stretching for around 1,100 kilometers and serving as the largest and longest valley in the country. Around 225,000 people make their home in the communities beside this river and subsist off the land and resources in this valley. 

This valley is notable for being one of the primary routes taken by the camel caravans. Second, the Ounila valley is on your itinerary. We go by this rather concealed river on the route to the settlement of Telouet. Still, you’ll have to walk across it to get to Ait Benhaddou’s kasbah. It connects the original Kasbahs to the areas where the vast majority of the population now makes their home. That it enhances the Ksar of Ait Benhaddou in some way is without dispute. Two other things: the Dades and Toudra valleys.

 They have one of the most beautiful settings in the country, being close to Boumalne Dades and Todra Gorges. Those who make their homes along the valleys’ rivers depend critically on them. In addition to the stunning scenery, they also provide an abundance of food, such as dates and olives.

According to Rissani and Erfoud

Our 5-day Marrakech desert tour takes you to the two largest desert cities. They are frequented by the general public as the primary source for purchasing daily basics like food and clothing. To begin, there is Erfoud, the capital. As the largest city close to the Erg Chebbi dunes, Erfoud can be found between the deserts of Errachidia and Merzouga. It’s obvious that this is one of the country’s most significant centers for date production. 

Since the Ziz valley is the primary source of dates in Morocco, it supplies enormous quantities to Erfoud each year. Erfoud celebrates the internationally renowned dates that he grows by hosting a festival in their honor every year. All the various date formats are listed here. The nicest and sweetest dates are Medjool (also spelled lmjhoul) or Lmjhoul. Additionally, Erfoud is the Southeast’s Fossils capital. 

Different sorts of fossils are crafted in a variety of tiny workshops and sold to residents, visitors, and exported abroad. Next, there’s Rissani, the Tafilalt capital. Historically, this city served as a major hub for merchants who traveled great distances by camel. Not only that, but it also has one of the largest authentic Souks in the country. People are still relying on age-old methods of trade and commerce. The donkeys are the major mode of transportation. Because of this, Rissani is well-known as a special destination for donkeys.

Rose Valley and the Toudra Gorges.

Featuring rocks that average about 300 meters in height, the Toudgha canyons are a top pick among climbers. Toudgha, also called Todra, is a high peak in the High Atlas range that has some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. The river that winds through the valleys between the cliffs is undeniably one of the highlights. Many nearby Berber settlements rely on the resources of Toudra for survival. They mostly own little stores in the canyons, where they sell everything from leather goods to carpets. 

Some people just have goats and sheep, which they mostly water at a spring in the canyons. Limestone, the predominant rock type, provides excellent climbing conditions. Rose valley, on the other hand, is a distinct alternative. We decided to segregate it from the other valley for its value. Located in this valley is the well-known city of Kalaat Mgouna. It provides them with access to a wide variety of roses, which allows them to pioneer the cosmetics industry in their home nation. A yearly festival dedicated to roses is held in this city, much as it is in Erfoud. About 500,000 people flocked to Qalaat Mgouna and the surrounding valley to celebrate this festival in 2015.

Ait Benhaddou and Ouarzazate

This 5 day Marrakech desert journey to Merzouga gives you the chance to visit the stunning cities of Ouarzazate and Ait Benhaddou. Firstly, there is the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou that is located in the tip of the High Atlas highlands. It’s the starting point and key attraction because of the spectacular scenery. Although Ait Benhaddou has the general form of a Ksar, the term “kasbah” is more suitable given its function. 

First, because the term “Ksbahs” translates to “bamboo” in English and Ait Benhaddou is largely built out of bamboo, therefore the two words are a perfect fit. At one point in Morocco’s past, Ait Benhaddou served as a marketplace where goods could be bought and sold. In addition, it was a common place for travelers to stay and rest before continuing on to Europe or Marrakech. The El Glaoui family, the original discoverers, are the rightful owners of this location. This family was among the wealthiest in Morocco’s past because of the taxes paid by merchants. 

On the other side, there’s stunning Ouarzazate, often known as “Morocco’s Ouallywood.” The Atlas Studios are the main attraction and make this place special. As well as the world’s largest solar power station and the Touarirt Kasbah’s intricate labyrinth. Both of these places have a solid reputation for being excellent locations for filming TV shows and movies. Using the realm of Heaven, the Gladiator, Prison Break, and Game of Thrones as metaphors.

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The above is a sample schedule for a five-day trip from Marrakech to Merzouga. On the other hand, if you want anything special, just let us know, or browse the itineraries that follow. We are eager to provide you with the finest service possible.

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