15 Days Birding Tour in Morocco

Explore merzouga birds in this 15 Days Birding Tour in Morocco

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15 Days Birding Tour in Morocco To Explore amazing magic of morocco

Itinerary for a Two-Week Birdwatching Expedition in Morocco

Day 1: Oukaimden – High Atlas Mountains – Marrakech Airport

The day before the tour begins, we either pick you up from the local Marrakech airport or meet you at your hotel. Accommodations can be arranged the day before the birding tour begins; just get in touch with us. We will pick you up at the airport in Marrakech, greet you, and then travel up into the High Atlas Mountains to visit Oukaimeden (2600m).A diverse array of native species, including the Southern Grey Shrike, Little Owl, Sardinian Warbler, Spotted Startling, Moroccan Magpie, Moussiers’ Redstarts, and House Bunting, should be visible as we go through the farmed fields.A little bit We will look for the endemic Levaillant’s Green Woodpecker and Blue Rock Thrush among the rocky slopes further up.We will search the snowline for the striking African Crimson-Winged Finch once we arrive at the Oukaimeden ski resort.Among the other species found here are the Atlas Horned Lark, Black Wheatear, Seebohm’s Wheatear, Alpine Chough, and Rock Sparrow. Dinner at Atlas Mountains and lodging there.

Day 2: Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, and the High Atlas Mountains

After an early breakfast, we depart from the highlands, maybe stopping one more to look for Levaillant’s Green Woodpecker.We will travel for three nights, stopping along the way to go bird watching and to search for Calandra larks. We will depart from the level plains of Marrakech and go north-west via Casablanca to Rabat.Accommodations and dinner in Rabat.

Day 3: Zerga Merdja:

Following breakfast, we travel to Merdja Merga, often known as “Blue Lagon,” in the north.Thousands of waders, including godwits, greenshank and redshank ducks, lingering ducks, and flamingos, swarm this sizable coastal lagoon. One of the few locations where the endemic subspecies of African marsh Owl may be found is in the wetlands.Along with looking for terns, gulls, any skuas on passage, and Balearic Shearwater, we will also examine the shoreline and Atlantic Ocean. Accommodations and dinner in Rabat.

Day 4: Sidi Bourhaba – The Zaers:

A drive southeast of Rabat into the King’s hunting forest, the Zaers, is a must today if you want to view and hear the Double-Spurred francolin, a shy game bird that cries from the tops of tree stumps. An early start is necessary.Black Crowned Tchagra, Black-shouldered kite, Woodpigean, stock dove, Greenfinsh, Serin, Pied Flycatcher, Redstart, and Barbary Bartridge are some additional woodland species that may exist.The afternoon will be spent traveling the Atlantic coast, stopping at saltpans and lagoons along the way, including the wonderful Lac de Sidi Bourhaba freshwater lake.Along with Marbled Duck and White-headed Duck, there should be a good number of Red-Knobbed Coots on the lake. Western Marsh Harriers should be quartering the reed beds. Supper and lodging in Rabat.

Day 5: Middle Atlas Mountains – Zaida – Meknes – Cedar Forest in Azrou – Rabat

We will make two stops on our way to Zaida, one in Azrou town to observe smaller Kesterl and the other in great locations in the Middle Atlas for Levaillant’s Woodpecker and Ruddy Shelduck.Along with the local races of Great Spotted Woodpecker, Barbary Ape, and Wood Lark, we might also spot Firecrest and Wood Lark in the Cedar Forests. Dining and lodging in Zaida.


Day 6 : Zaida Plain – ZiZ Valley – Merzouga :

We plan to depart early in order to locate the highly challenging Dupont’s Lark, a high-plains species that is becoming extinct among the tulsocks, close to Zaida.We hope to spot Thekla and Short-toed Larks on our stroll. Following breakfast, we’ll travel south to the edge of the Sahara Desert.Along the way, we can spot Black and White Crowned Wheatears, Desert Larks, and Eurasian Crag-martins. In the breathtaking Valley, we might spot Rock Bunting and Blue Rock Thrush.We finally make it to our two-night stay in the Desert Motel after yet another thrilling stop. Accommodations and Dinnes in Merzouga.

Days 7-8: Erg Chebbi dunes – Rissani – Merzouga

We will spend two full days exploring the sand dunes, palm groves, wadis, and rocky desert of erg chebi, which is Morocco’s largest dune system, which is close by.We’ll have enough of time to look for important target birds in this secluded location in a leisurely manner.The magnificent and gorgeous-looking Desert Sparrow will be our target species here, amidst the bleak desert vistas and a few isolated cafes.We will also look for the larger Hoopoe Lark, Brown-necked Raven, Fulvous Babbler, Pharaoph Eagle-Owl “guyuin,” and African Desert Warbler.Occasionally, there are seasonal lakes that draw a large number of waders and wildfowl—a breathtaking sight in the desert! As the day heats up, it’s also worthwhile to search the skies for signs of migration. A significant number of raptors and storks may be seen rising on thermals and moving northward, towards their nesting areas.Other species found in this area include the Southern Grey Shrike, Short-toed, Desert, and Bar-tailed Larks, Spectacled and Desert Warblers, Trumpeter Finch, and Spotted and Crowned Sandgrouse and Lanner Falcon.We will also be here at a nice time of year to look for day roosts of Egyptian Nightjar. Accommodations and Dinner in Merzouga.

Day 9: Tagdilt Track – Boumaln – Goulmima – Merzouga – Todra Gorge Du dades.

We’ll continue west and stop at a location to hunt for Trumpeter Finch, Spectacled Warbler, and Scrub Warbler after taking an early look at the desert surrounding our hotel. We next head west, stopping at Tordra Gorge to look for Black Wheatear, Blue Rock-Thrush, Crag Martin, Tristram’s Warbler, and even Beneli’s Eagle! Next, to the Tagdilt Trail.This area of the stony desert is fairly high up. Thekla, Desert Short-Toed, Thick-Billed, Temmink’s Larks, and Desert and Red-Rumped Wheatears are among the lark species that are highly represented. Dinner and lodging in the Dades of Boumalne.

Day 10: Ouarzazate – Tagdilt track – Boumaln du Dades

In order to search for any species we may have missed yesterday, we will start at the Tagdilt Track once more. After that, we will travel west and examine the roadside stone deserts for the uncommon “Maghreb Wheatear” wheatear. We’ll make a stop at the Barrage at Mansour Eddahabi to explore before heading to our hotel in Ouarzazate.Here, we may witness a variety of waders, cormorants, herons, black-winged stilts, marbled duck, ruddy shelduck, and maghreb lark. Meals and lodging in Ouarzazate.

Day 11: Taroudant – Agadir – Ouarzazate – Anti Atlas Mountains – Souss Valley.

We will travel across the Anti-Atlas Mountains, via the Souss Valley, and ultimately to Agadir via a lengthy trip to the west. Initially we will keep our eyes open for numerous larks by the roadside and for wheatears.We saw Black Crowned Tchagra, Laughing Dove, Cirl Bunting, and Spanish Sparrow in the Souss Valley.There may be Little and Pallid Swifts over Taroudant town. We finally make it to our three-night hotel in Agadir following yet another thrilling stop. Accommodations and dinner in Agadir.

Day 12: Tamri Estuary – Cap Ghir – Agadir

Early in the day We will travel north, making stops for a seewatch at Cape Ghir and a beach where two races of Lesser Black-Backed Gulls will be present: Audouin’s gulls and a few yellow-legged gulls.We’ll head north to Tamri to look for the Northern Bald Ibis in the farms and scrub close to the coast. We return to Agadir in the late afternoon. Accommodations and dinner in Agadir.

Day 13: Massa – Souss Oueds:

The renowned Oued Massa is located south of Agadir, and this morning we are targeting the following birds here on the Atlantic Coast: the shy Black-Crowned Tchagra, Marbled Duck, Moussier’s Redstart, Sardinian Warbler, Little Owl, Ruddy Shelduck, Laughing Dove, and Brown-thoated Martin. Afterwards, we head to the Oued Souss, a great place to see shorebirds, flamingos, Eureussian Curlews, and a lot of terns and gulls sleeping. Accommodations and dinner in Agadir.

Day 14 : Agadir – High Atlas Mountains – Marrakech :

Transfer Day: travel over the Atlas Mountains and make a few stops en route from Agadir to Marrakech.By late afternoon, we reach Marrakech. Free evening to explore Marrakech’s historic district and the magnificent Jema-El-Fna square, which is a fantastic experience for any traveler and features spice vendors, water sellers, snake charmers, and the allure of souk haggling (OPTIONAL). Accommodations and dinner in Agadir.

Day 15: Airport to Marrakech:

Proceed to the airport to conclude the private tour, if there is still time for additional birdwatching in the Marrakech region.

We are grateful that you are visiting our nation with Birding excursions Morocco, as we provide exciting excursions and adventure packages for your incredible bird watching vacation in North Africa. Please get in touch with us directly if you need to change this suggested circuit.


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Accommodation / Food

We offer comfortable hotels for your birding Morocco tours with typical Moroccan breakfasts , and traditional dinner meals.

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The cost is determined on the number of passengers you are taking.

Variety of Avian Species: 

Merzouga is home to a diverse array of avian species, including migratory and desert dwelling birds, which you may view and photograph.


Expert Guidance:

With their extensive knowledge of the local bird species and habitats, our knowledgeable guides will be with you during the whole trip, guaranteeing an engaging experience for you while birdwatching.


We can tailor a Birding tour to suit your specific needs

Morocco has the richest avifauna in North Africa. During your exciting Morocco birding tour, which is the most comprehensive Moroccan birding itinerary available, we are able to customize your travel.

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