3-Day Birding Tour from Merzouga

Explore merzouga birds in this 3 days birding tour merzouga in morocco

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Indochinese Green Magpie
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Collalba Yebelica aves de Marruecos

Discovering the Avian magnificences: A 3-Day Birding Tour Merzouga 

With our 3-day trip departing from Merzouga, go on the ultimate birding experience. Experience a variety of environments with knowledgeable guides at your side, take advantage of private transportation, and stay in carefully chosen lodging. Reserve your spot now for a unique birdwatching adventure.

Day 1: Greetings and Overview of the Desert Birdlife in Merzouga

Our knowledgeable birding guide will provide a warm welcome to you upon your arrival in Merzouga. We’ll begin our journey with an overview of the amazing birdlife that exists in Merzouga’s desert habitats. Once you’ve settled into your cozy lodging, we’ll go on a birdwatching excursion around Merzouga. You will be able to see a range of desert-adapted bird species as our experienced guide takes you to some of the best places for birdwatching.

We’ll see the captivating display of desert bird activity as the sun sets. Watch out for the elegant flights of desert sparrows and the secretive Egyptian nightjar. Our guide will provide intriguing insights on how these birds have evolved to survive in the dry desert. We’ll go back to our lodgings for a peaceful evening after a productive day of birdwatching, excited to carry on with our bird discoveries in the days ahead.

Day 2: Visiting the Birding Hotspots in Merzouga

After a hearty breakfast, go out to discover Merzouga’s best spots for birdwatching. You’ll explore a variety of environments with our knowledgeable birding guide at your side, including oasis, rocky hills, and sand dunes. Look out for Tristram’s warblers, Egyptian nightjars, desert larks, and other species. By sharing their knowledge, our guide will make sure you don’t miss any of the amazing bird species that live in this area.

Lunch will be provided as you take in the stunning scenery, giving you time to relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings. Continue your hunt for birds in the afternoon, coming across many unusual species and recording special moments in your birding diary or with your camera.

Day 3: Observing Birds in the Surrounding Areas and Leaving

After breakfast on the last day, leave Merzouga and visit the neighboring regions that are well-known for their birds. Seasonally-appropriate sightings of migrating birds, ducks, and desert-adapted species are possible. Our guide will impart their knowledge, guaranteeing a worthwhile and instructive trip.

As the trip draws to an end, say goodbye to Merzouga’s avian delights and go off with a fresh perspective on Morocco’s birds.

We are grateful that you are visiting our nation with Birding excursions Morocco, as we provide exciting excursions and adventure packages for your incredible bird watching vacation in North Africa. Please get in touch with us directly if you need to change this proposed circuit.



  • Comfortable transport
  • Hotel accommodation with HB
  • professional guiding service


To make a reservation for the Merzouga bird viewing excursion, please email us. Please let us know your arrival and departure dates if you have a certain date in mind.

Accommodation / Food

For your birdwatching trip of Morocco, we provide cozy accommodations with traditional Moroccan dinners and breakfasts departing from Merzouga.

Costs associated with birding:

The cost is determined on the number of passengers you are taking.

Personal Transports:

Savor the luxury and ease of private transportation, which guarantees smooth transitions between birdwatching locations.

Expert Guidance:

Your trip will be enhanced by our experienced birding guide, who will maximize your birding possibilities and provide insightful commentary.

Various Environments

Discover a variety of environments, such as lush oasis and arid dunes, which will give you the chance to see a wide diversity of bird species.

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