Geo Morocco Tour fossils and minerals 

Morocco isn’t just about markets and history—it’s got some awesome rocks and old things too. Join us as we check out the country’s cool fossils and shiny minerals in an easy-to-follow journey.

Geo Morocco Tour fossils packages

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10 days in Geo Morocco Tour fossils and minerals

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3-Day Birding Tour from Merzouga

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3 days Atlantic coast tour from Agadir

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4 Days Marrakech to Atlas Mountains Birding Tour

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5 days Agadir Birding tour to Atlantic & Guelmim desert


7 Days North Morocco Birding Tour

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7 Days Atlas and Atlantic coast Birding Tour

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7 Days Morocco Atlas and desert Birding Tour

Greater Hoope Lark in Morocco

15 Days Birding Tour in Morocco

Exploring Morocco's Cool Rocks and Old Stuff

1. Erfoud’s Old Fossils

Start off in Erfoud, where there are tons of really old fossils. Imagine sea creatures from way back when, like squiggly ammonites and tough trilobites. It’s like a peek into a super ancient underwater world.

2. Atlas Mountains’ Colorful Rocks:

Now, head to the Atlas Mountains. These mountains aren’t just big; they’re full of colorful rocks too. You’ll find crystals like clear quartz, pretty amethyst, and other cool minerals in places like Midelt. It’s like a treasure hunt for shiny rocks!

3. Dino Stuff in Kem Kem Beds:

If you like dinosaurs, the Kem Kem Beds near Taouz are for you. Picture this: dinosaur bones and teeth from a really, really long time ago. It’s like going on a Jurassic Park adventure right in Morocco.

4. Chefchaouen’s Blue Town:

Finally, make your way to Chefchaouen. It’s not about rocks here, but the whole town is painted in cool blue shades. The Rif Mountains surround it, making it a chill place to take in some unique vibes. Conclusion: Morocco’s not just about bustling markets and old sites. Take a detour and discover the country’s awesome rocks and ancient things. Whether you’re into sparkly minerals or curious about dinosaurs, Morocco’s got a whole different side waiting for you. So, let the adventure begin and soak in the cool rocks and old stuff Morocco has to offer!